• The Catalan skateboarder has been proclaimed Spanish Skateboard Street Champion for the second year in a row

  • Daniela made her name known in 2018 where she won gold at Extreme Barcelona at just 9 years old

The Catalan rider extends her reign as a reference in the Spanish Skateboarding Street winning the Life Skate Farm in Santander, where the absolute women’s championship of Skateboarding Street took place.

Terol showed why she is one of the referents in the national urban sports with two very solid rounds and tricks like a Backside feeble and frontside smithgrind on the big rail in downhill that denote the quality of the Catalan, who, with only 15 years old is climbing to the elite of the world streetboard.

This 2023 has been a year where the Catalan got the 11th position in the World Skate World Championships in Sharja, bronze at the VESO in Valencia, 1st in the FISE and 1st in the Extreme Barcelona, the competition that saw the birth of the star of the national street skateboarding.

Terol made her debut in 2018 in the streetplaza of the Parc del Forum where she was crowned champion of the Extreme Barcelona at only 9 years old. Daniela climbed for the first time on a podium, from which she would never want to come down again and became the youngest rider to win an Extreme Barcelona.