The Freestyle Trampoline World Championships land at Extreme Barcelona 2024.

The competition has three fundamental pillars: Difficulty, execution, and creativity.

The freestyle sport of trampoline requires a combination of technical skill, creative endurance and years of dedicated training.

Athletes from more than 15 countries will gather in Barcelona to demonstrate their trampoline skills in three categories: Men, Women and Juniors (13-15 years old).

Competition in collaboration with:
– Freestyle Trampoline Association
– Eurotramp Freestyle


 13 SEPTEMBER: Official trainings

14 SEPTEMBER: Qualifiers

15 SEPTEMBER: Semifinals and Finals


Athletes must perform a routine combining between 2 and 5 pirouettes in a row.
*Without performing a jump to gain momentum between pirouettes.

Three rounds competition:

  • Round 1: Qualifiers
  • Round 2: Semifinales
  • Round 3: Finales



Eurotramp trampoline (Upper Zone) – Parc del Fòrum

Freestyle Trampoline
Freestyle Trampoline
Freestyle Trampoline