Breaking makes a stop in Barcelona towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The city will host the Breaking Spanish Championship 2023 in its two senior categories: Bboy & Bgirl, and will award the winners a spot on the 2023 World Championship, a tournament that awards the maximum number of qualifying points for Paris 2024. This competition is organized in collaboration with the FEBD (“Federación Española de Baile Deportivo”).

In total, 6 different categories will take presence in the Breaking Stage in Parc del Fòrum: Bboy, Bgirl, Bboy Sub 21, Bgirl Youth, Junior y Kids, among with the best team of judges, DJs & Speakers aiming to take Breaking all the way the Paris 2024.


Saturday 16/9: Practice, Pre-selection & Final stages.


Kids, Junior, Bgirl youth:

Preselection: 1 round solo.

Knockout Fase: 2 rounds battle (kids: 1 round battle).

Finals: 3 rounds battle.

Bboy, Bgirl, Bboy Sub21:

Preselection: One Round Solo.

Knockout Fase: Best of three rounds.

Battle for 3rd & Final: 3 rounds battle.


Kids: (mixed) Bboys & Bgirls U11.
Bboys 12-15 years old.
Bgirl Youth:
(Pre-senior category) Bgirls from 12 to 17 years old.
Bboy U21:
(Pre-senior category) Bboys from 16 to 21 years old.


Breaking Stage (Zona Columnas) – Parc del Fòrum