• Catalans Daniela and Ivet Terol win gold and silver in skateboarding in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Also taking gold on Sunday were Justin Dowell, Jack Dumper, Claire Parks, Sophie Molyneux, Daniela and Ivet Terol

  • Jordan Clark was proclaimed champion of the Fernando Park Battle closing the Extreme Barcelona with a record attendance of 32,500 spectators from Friday to Sunday

Extreme Barcelona, the extreme urban sports event, culminated its 2023rd edition yesterday, Sunday, in triumphant fashion. In its 15th Anniversary, it reached its record by registering an attendance of 32,500 unconditional fans and urban sports enthusiasts throughout the weekend. There was no shortage of activities and urban leisure with a bustling Markets area, where good music could also be enjoyed.

With an enthusiastic crowd for all the competitions, the intensity increased as the tricks and jumps were performed by the athletes. The stands were packed with groups of young people, some with their scooters and skateboards, and above all, full of families.

families. Without a doubt, this weekend offered an alternative and unforgettable plan for all the attendees, who assured that they will repeat next year.

In BMX, Skateboarding and Scootering competitions, unlike the often intense competition in other sports, the culture of support and camaraderie prevails. Exemplary behaviour among the athletes reflects the core values of these sports and provides an inspiring role model for spectators and other athletes.

Skateboarding queens dominated the Street Plaza

On the Street Plaza stage, the Skateboarding Women’s final took place with a big surprise in the form of Catalan Daniela Terol, who landed in Barcelona shortly before the competition and was able to join the final to demonstrate how to skate at Extreme Barcelona, taking the gold medal. She was closely followed by her sister Ivet Terol, who took silver and made it clear that she is following in her older sister’s footsteps. The podium was completed by the Czech Laura Zackova.

The stands vibrated with the BMX Park Men’s final

The long-awaited BMX Park Men’s final on the UCI C1 circuit, which awarded points for the Olympics, was a spectacle. With movie-like stunts, crashes and even blown wheels, these athletes came to give it their all, and to leave everyone in attendance in awe. American Justin Dowell managed to beat world champion Kieran Reilly who came second, followed by another legend, Marin Rantes.

Adapted sport surprised the crowd

The PARA BMX final was a great surprise for the crowd, who filled the stands despite the heat and were amazed by these athletes. The riders came from different countries in Europe and South America and their courage made the crowd roar. They showed that with adapted BMX they are capable of attempting impossible tricks and dominating the Street Plaza, in a very tight final. British rider Jack Dumper took the victory, followed by Julian Molina, from Colombia, and Juanje Trujillo, from Malaga, who completed the podium. Between them they demonstrated the unconditional support and healthy competitiveness in their dream of achieving international recognition for this adapted sport with the support of Proyecto 111 and 360bs.

In the Central Park most of the finals of the World Skate Scootering Pro Tour took place.

In Scootering Park Junior was crowned as winner the Spanish Harriet Portugal, young promise with a lot of potential who we have already seen skating more than once and in all of them has shown that each time will go to more, is a young promise with a lot of potential. Second place went to Bastian Brey and third place to Enak Markwalder.

In the Scootering Park Women final of the Scootering Pro Tour, two titans, Claire Parks and Lucy Evans, battled it out in a very close final where Claire took the victory, Lucy the silver and Neve Entwistle the bronze. Finally in Scootering Park Men we could enjoy Jordan Clark, who added his seventh medal of the extreme to his medal haul, this time silver, as he could not stop Jayden Sharman, the other Briton who did an unbeatable round. Third place went to Revin Cachat.

Meanwhile in the Street Plaza, the other more technical stage, the women’s Scootering final was held where the Spanish Paloma Cantillo managed to get on the podium with a solid third place. The already well-known Sophie Molyneux was proclaimed winner, adding one more meritorious medal, as Romane Guillet, who came second, made it really difficult for her. In the junior final, Kai Martin took gold, Luka Noel silver and Max Androsko bronze.

The Fernando Park Batlle put the finishing touches to the final

This Scootering competition pays tribute to Fernando Pérez-Mañanet, a key figure in the promotion of scootering at the Extreme Barcelona event. Ten athletes took turns for 45 minutes to perform the best possible trick. The winner took home a boxer-style golden belt as well as a cash prize. There was everything, lots of pirouettes, some falls, attempts to recreate last year’s winning trick, but the undisputed winner was Jordan Clark with a 9 flair bar, which consisted of two and a half inverted turns and a handlebar turn, an impossible trick that took the audience’s breath away.

Sport and urban culture for everyone

In the Markets and activities area in the Parc del Forum, a lively Sunday was also enjoyed with the Stalow Fest performances, with freestyle battles throughout the day and numerous artists performing their songs.

Nearby, on the basketball courts, there was also Ball In, the brand that represents a large street basketball and 3×3 basketball community in some of the main European cities and organised several games, including one with wheelchair players, and 1-on-1 tournaments inviting attendees to participate in all the games.

Extreme Barcelona promised more activities than ever and while all these competitions were taking place, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon there were three cash4tricks organised by Movistar where participants gave their all to win cash by showing off their best tricks on skateboards, scooters and BMX.

Extreme Barcelona culminates its 15th anniversary with success and continues to demonstrate that it is a consolidated event and rooted in the city of Barcelona, with five Olympic urban sports that will give much to talk about in the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024.