• Urban World Series, EsportCat Extreme and the Catalan Skating Federation join forces for intensive high performance training.

  • Paloma Cantillo and Laia de la Romana trained at the Ungravity Freestyle Academy with qualified teachers.

In the 2023 season and following one of the fundamental pillars of Urban World Series and the EsportCat Extreme circuit, always betting on the youngest talent and new generations, together with the Catalan Skating Federation and focused on the objective of the 15th anniversary of Extreme Barcelona, we join forces to carry out the intensive high performance preparation for the two female athletes of Scootering: Paloma Cantillo and Laia de la Romana.

The main objective was simply to prepare them to compete in the highest level international competitions: the first stop of the World Skate Scootering Pro Tour 2023, and for both to arrive with the necessary tools and self-confidence to give their all in the Street Plaza.

The World Skate Scootering Pro Tour was held as part of Extreme Barcelona, the great urban sports event, already rooted in the city of Barcelona and which this year broke the attendance record in the emblematic Parc del Fòrum on 15, 16 and 17 September 2023.

The two riders received advanced classes with qualified teachers inside the Ungravity Freestyle Academy training facilities. The results came with a meritorious third place for Paloma in the final of the women’s street competition. The level of both athletes increased substantially thanks to this specific training programme.


The commitment to the new generations and the support on their way to reach the top goes through this constant training and being able to participate in sporting events at the highest level to be able to measure and analyse the results to continue improving.

This training arose from the need to promote women’s sport and give visibility to all the girls and young women who want to compete and who have the talent to do so, and to serve as a reference for all the generations that will come after them.

For two months they were doing specific training to compete in the World Skate Scootering Pro Tour, and not only that, since after the 15th anniversary of Extreme Barcelona, Paloma Cantillo was crowned champion for the second consecutive year with a gold medal at the Spanish Scootering Championship held in Santander on 19 November 2023. Laia, got the 4th position.