Bgirl Lola and Bboy Lil Dani were the winners of the Spanish Breaking Championship celebrated at Extreme Barcelona.

The audience cheered the bboys and bgirls until the last minute on the Urban Stage of this 15th anniversary and discovered the new Spanish talents that will make history.

The Spanish Breaking Championship filled the Urban Stage with battles throughout Saturday. The youngest of the lower categories of the championship began to fill the stage with rhythm and then the bboys and bgirls of the absolute categories stepped on the stage.

The 15th anniversary of Extreme Barcelona was full of people during the Saturday, who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to discover Breaking, a new Olympic sport in Paris 2024. As we already mentioned when presenting this weekend’s championships, there are some very talented athletes who showed yesterday what they are capable of:

BGirl Lola has been having an incredible year and is evolving by huge steps, she took the victory of the Spanish Breaking Championship and the place to participate in the World Championships in Belgium, which gives the places for the Olympic Series. Second place went to Bgirl Camino and Bgirl Sweet Spicy took third place.

In Bboys the champion after some very tight battles was Lil Dani, the talented bboy from Malaga who always comes out to give his all on the floor. The audience went crazy with the final battles cheering the dancers until the last minute. Lil Dani also took this place for the World Championships in Belgium, along with Bboy VO who came second and Bboy Assassin Cris who completed the podium.

The event was attended by more than 100 Breaking athletes in all categories: Bboy, Bgirl, Bboy Under 21 where Bboy Amor won, Bgirl Youth which was the category crowned by Bgirl Miniali, Kids and Junior with Bboy Samuel as the winner.