• In this eleventh edition, Filma and Extreme join forces in a partnership for the environment

The eleventh edition of Extreme Barcelona is the most sustainable of all, betting on environmental awareness in a very original way. Through a partnership with Filma, the medals and trophies awarded to the athletes are made from mask waste, highlighting the importance of respecting the environment and recycling.

We are in a time where more and more actions are being carried out to benefit our environment and, from Extreme, we also wanted to join the cause. The main objective is to reduce the impact caused by plastic and give a second life to waste to create a circular economy. This is an action that no other recycling company in Spain is doing and, for the first time, Filma, together with Extreme, is launching.

The proposal was born as a result of the pandemic, which has produced an overproduction of plastic waste due to all the masks that end up in seas and oceans. That is why this great event of sports and urban culture has wanted to rely on the help of Filma to address this problem and encourage awareness among the public.

Commitment to sustainability

Filma was created by five young entrepreneurs from Spain with the aim of preventing the impact of disposable plastics on the environment due to the pandemic. With the support of companies interested in acquiring a more sustainable image, as of today they have managed to recycle more than 45,000 masks collected in different establishments.

Filma collaborates with municipalities and companies to create a process economy: raising awareness, waste management and co-creation of final products, such as street furniture. Little by little, it makes this message reach more people with the purpose of making the project grow and leave its mark on today’s society.