We know you were eager to know all the offer in detail the Extreme, here are the schedules of the weekend with all the stages. In total, attendees will have up to four different locations from which to enjoy all the festival’s offerings: Central Park, Street Plaza and Urban Stage and the Action Space Megaramp.

Due to the pandemic situation we are forced to limit the capacity of our four locations.

Street Plaza: 900 people
Central Park: 1450 people
Urban Stage: 50 people
MegaRamp: 600 people

The grand finals of the Scooter or BMX disciplines will be concentrated on Sunday while the Skate will take place on Saturday.

The Breaking competitions will be held on Saturday while the Young Blood freestyle battles (FMS) will be on Sunday as the final climax of the festival. And for the first time, the Extreme will feature a Megaramp that will offer a show of height, if you want to know the details, click here.

A wide offer designed for YOU to AMAZE.

If you want to organize an extreme weekend, get out your agenda and take note!