• A Skatepark designed for the best riders and built 100% concrete.
  • A year of new experiences in Tokyo, a new situation alongside new Olympic sports

World Skate confirms the completion of the construction of the Parks that both the riders who will compete in the Skateboarding and BMX sports sections and the visitors will be able to see after their arrival in the Japanese capital. Ariake Urban Sports Park.

The dimensions are considerable and it is composed of:


  • A deep and long bowl with several transfer options and a central module.
  • A section dedicated to the street, composed of bars, stairs and a quarter will give a scare to more than one.



In addition, this area will house spaces for cycling competitions, a court for 3×3 basketball and for the sport climbing competition an area with walls specially prepared for its three disciplines.

A skatepark designed for the best riders

Joe Ciacliga, California Skateparks CEO and Skatepark Design Supervisor had this to say:

“The design of the Tokyo skateparks far exceeds anything that has been built to date for a professional skateboarding competition. Each of the concrete skateparks is designed to maximize all the qualities of each participant: creativity, flow, speed, amplitude, technique, variety. And the layout of each module is designed for a competition in which each athlete can do his best, having at his disposal everything he needs to help him and take skateboarding to new limits.”

So, and according to the words of one of its creators, this is one of the best skateparks ever created.

A year of new experiences in Tokyo

Despite the fact that all the participating entities have had to adapt to a new situation, completely unpredictable and that has negatively affected the difficulty of carrying it out, the efforts have been considerable to continue moving forward.

On the other hand, board lovers will greatly enjoy the incorporation of skateboarding as a new Olympic sport and the two disciplines that make it up, Park and Street . Surfing, rock climbing, karate or baseball / softball are also new.

There is a lot of desire to see the games, a lot of hype!

We take this opportunity to tell you that some of the Olympic athletes from Tokyo will be present at Extreme Barcelona that will be held on the following days. September 25 and 26in the Forum Park. Tickets are available with a special introductory offer starting at € 13.5 HERE