• Sant Joan Despí, Esplugues de Llobregat and Teià, new skateparks

  • Spokoramps and Vulcano Skateparks are in charge of their design and construction.


The riders of the province of Barcelona are in luck, they can now enjoy 3 new skate parks in the area.

One in Sant Joan Despí (a few kms from Barcelona city), run by the company Spokoramps.

It has a very good looking bowl, pyramids, banks, a very high quarter wallride and plenty of rails and flat and downhill drawers of different sizes, which at first glance seems to give a lot of play and will become one of the best parks in the province.

Spokoramps has decades of experience and has built other skate parks such as Palau Solità I Plegamans, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Ripollet, Cornellà, among many others.

This new facility renovates the previous skatepark located in the same park, which consisted of a few modules, flat railing, quarter and grindbox, which left much to be desired.

The second is in Esplugues de Llobregat, also by Spokoramps, and also replaces the few modules, quite damaged and in poor condition, which remained. A few months ago his mythical miniramp had disappeared, after each day it was more and more destroyed with broken timbers, and loose screws that made it super dangerous.

The third skate park is in Teià (Maresme), by Vulcano Skateparks, completed and opened at the end of the year, ready to start 2024 betting on urban sports.

It looks like a small space but with a lot of game: different transitions everywhere, transfers, wallrides, pool copings, rail rainbow and slappys to play and have a great time.

This company is in great shape and in recent years has built many skate parks in Spain and Europe: Gurb, Granollers, Alpe D’huez, and also Dosrius, which has received very good reviews from riders of all modalities. One of the new Urban World Series online competitions was filmed there: Scootception, which was won by Danish rider Mathias Island.

How the situation has changed in little more than 10-15 years in Barcelona and Spain! When skate parks were a rara avis, generally of very low level and in bad conditions.

It’s always good news that new facilities are being built for the practice of urban sports, let’s hope that the pace does not stop, and also the quality of these.


Which one do you most want to try?