Extreme Barcelona: the home of the Madrid-born athlete

Over the years, Danny León has left his mark on Extreme Barcelona, being already a regular athlete. From the Olympics to the Dew Tour, through O Marisquiño, Back to the Streets or Far N High, Danny has won numerous titles and has proven to be one of the most talented and versatile skaters in the world. His mastery of custom tricks, such as kickflips, ollies, nollies and mc twists, has placed him on the podium several times in Urban World Series events, even winning the Extreme Barcelona twice.

Skateboarding at the Olympics: A Positive Change with Reservations

One of the highlights of Danny Leon’s career has been his participation in the skateboarding Olympics, an opportunity that has had a significant impact on the world of the sport.

Danny recognizes that this inclusion has increased the visibility of skateboarding and democratized the sport, attracting a wider audience.

However, he also expresses legitimate concerns. He fears that some young people will focus exclusively on competition and lose the creative and authentic essence of skateboarding.

Danny Leon maintains a neutral stance, recognizing that there are numerous competitions, such as the Dew Tour and X Games, that are already an integral part of skateboard culture. His commitment to skateboarding is unwavering, regardless of Olympic events, and he intends to continue skateboarding throughout his life.

Danny Leon is the Star of Spanish Skateboarding

Danny León, a name that resonates strongly in the skateboarding world, has become one of the most iconic figures of the sport in Spain and internationally. Known as “the alchemist of skateboarding” and “the lion of Móstoles,” this young man from Mostoleño, born in 1994, has climbed to the top of skateboarding through amazing skills and an unwavering passion for the sport.

A Life-Changing Start in Skateboarding

His skateboarding story began in Móstoles, Spain, when he was just 9 years old, on a memorable day on March 16, 2004. The construction of a skatepark right in front of his house fueled his curiosity and eagerness to try it. With the determination of a beginner, Danny and a friend used to borrow skates from other enthusiasts who congregated at the park, and this modest start marked the beginning of a career that would take him far.

Danny Leon’s Bright Future in Skateboarding

Danny Leon, the passionate Spanish skateboarder, has no intention of stopping. He is currently focused on qualifying for his second Olympic Games in Paris 2024 and he will do his best to achieve it. His next stop is the 2023 World Cup, which will be held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, from February 5-12, and is his first chance to earn a spot in the French capital. Danny Leon, the lion of Mostoles, continues to roar in the skateboarding world, inspiring the new generation of skaters and captivating the global audience with his impressive skill on four wheels.