Just a couple of weeks ago that ended the weekend of Extreme Barcelona and many of us are still with emotional hangover. If this edition has broken the attendance record with 32,500 attendees throughout the event, it must have been for a reason. There were many iconic moments, but we have compiled our 5 favorites:

The champ is Back

Beloved rider Jonathan Perroni celebrated his triumphant victory in the Scooter Street Man final with a smile from ear to ear. After a funny fall in the first round that sent him out of the Street Plaza, he gave it his all and more in the second round, and he performed so many best tricks that the fall was just an anecdote, crowning himself champion and celebrating in style.


The BMX Park Men’s finals were a blast, literally

If there is something that drives the public crazy is Central Park and the risky maneuvers of the riders. The BMX Men’s final brought together the best international athletes, all of whom put on jaw-dropping displays. Kieran Reilly’s double fair was the order of the day, and Justin Dowell’s victory was indisputable after those 5 unmatched tricks. One of the images that we will not forget was the double wheel blowout of Jude Jones, who was in the lead in the semifinal. Without a doubt, he was coming on strong, perhaps too strong.


Lola, Spanish champion

Our warrior princess B-Girl Lola managed to take the gold medal in the Spanish Braking Championship of Extreme Barcelona, thus getting the pass to compete in the World Championship in Belgium the following week. Lola is only 15 years old, the same age as Extreme Barcelona, and her talent is so great that we have no doubt to see her representing the country in Los Angeles 2028.


Landing and winning

Daniela Terol, the young Catalan skateboard athlete, was at an Olympic qualifier in Rome when she got a last minute flight to make it in time for the skate woman final at Extreme Barcelona. With no one expecting it, Daniela took to the Street Plaza and showed how to revalidate a title, once again proclaiming herself champion in front of the watchful eyes of her sister, Ivet Terol, who followed close behind with a solid second place. It is clear that they are learning from each other.


If you don’t see it, you don’t believe it

In this top moments we can’t miss the 9 flair bar that Jordan Clark did in the Fer Battle, because he couldn’t go home without winning something. Jordan is made of different stuff, and he is able to become a tornado on the skateboard and make it look easy. He certainly earned the respect of everyone present.