• Hot Wheels is betting big on the future of young urban sports stars with the Superchargers

  • Paul Sala, Erik Cugat, Harriet Portugal and Kai Martin are the champions of this edition 

Extreme Barcelona ends its 15th anniversary in style with a record attendance of 32,500 people over the weekend. The inclusion of extreme sports in the Olympics has undoubtedly given them the visibility they deserve, and their followers continue to grow. A key factor in the prevalence of extreme sports is the young talent and the need to provide them with the support they need to grow and develop.

Hot Wheels, the Mattel brand, knows the importance of this, and has therefore joined forces with the Urban World Series as an official sponsor, leading the junior competitions under the name Hot Wheels Superchargers in the three annual events: Andalucia Urban, Madrid Urban Sports and the most recent Extreme Barcelona.

In Andalucia and Madrid, these youngsters between the ages of 6 and 14 qualified for the grand final in Barcelona, which brought together the top five in each category, where they competed on the same ground as the best international athletes.

They all share the same dream: to become like their idols and participate in the Olympics, and this involvement and commitment can be read in their eyes very easily. Something that also stands out in these young riders, is the similarity of values with the higher categories in terms of enjoying a healthy competition, without anger, and celebrating the victory of a teammate.

These were the winners:

🛹 Skateboarding

🥇 Erik Cugat

🥈 Merlin Ortiz

🥉 Adam Bensalah

🚲 BMX + Campeonato de España

🥇 Pau Sala

🥈 Javitxu de la Torre

🥉 Julen Arenaza

🛴 Scootering Park + @worldskateofficial Scootering Pro Tour

🥇 Harriet Portugal

🥈 Bastian Brey

🥉 Enak Markwalder 

🛴 Scootering Street + @worldskateofficial Scootering Pro Tour

🥇 Kai Martin

🥈 Luka Noel

🥉 Max Androsko

Many of these names are starting to get a lot of buzz, as this is not the first time they have stood on the podium, a good sign that they are doing a good job and that we will most likely see them in Los Angeles in 2028.