• The Tarragona town was the chosen venue for the final stop of the Catalan championship Esportcat Extreme 2023

  • Cristian Sanchez, Hugo Llopart and Fernando Castillo are crowned champions of the second edition

The new skatepark of Calafell was the selected location to know the outcome of the Esportcat Extreme 2023 circuit. This second edition has landed in five skateparks spread across Catalonia to continue promoting urban sports among young Catalans. Tarragona, Figueres, Lleida and Palau Solità i Plegamans are the 5 previous stops of a championship that came to Calafell with the general classifications very tight and the level that was shown to the three competitive modalities (skate, scooter, bmx) was up to the circumstances and the audience could enjoy each and every one of the tricks of the young Catalan riders.

Cristian Sánchez, experience as a winning factor:
The skateboarder from Santo Boi has shown that with more than 18 years on the board he is one of the most solid skateboarders of the Catalan territory. Sanchez has won two of the five events and has achieved a second place. In Calafell he secured the final victory with forcefulness. A solid round and some very difficult best tricks such as the flip bs lipslide and the sw heelflip tailslide took him to the gold medal. To highlight the performance of Nacho Climent from Tarragona showing that he is one of the big names to take into account in the future of Catalan skateboarding and the also experienced Josep Cotanda who left his stamp of quality in some of the best tricks of the day. The three of them close the podium and together with Liam Recorbet, Sebastian Iulian and Joan Guinart have a guaranteed place to participate in the Extreme Barcelona skate competition.

Hugo Llopart, the most regular:
The Scooter was the sport that opened the day in Calafell with a level of riding that set the bar very high for the rest of modalities.
Hugo Llopart ensured the final victory in the Catalan circuit with a fourth position at the stop of Calafell. Llopart has been the most regular during all the competitions getting always good results and taking some of the podiums.
The second classified of the championship has been the young Izan Mendieta, rider who got the victory in Calafell with a solid round and a spectacular best trick with a hubba transfer uphill to the top rail of 5050. The podium was for Marc Hernandez, the rider fell to the 6th position in Calafell which made him lose the second place in the championship to Mendieta.

Catalan BMX is on form:
BMX has been the modality that has had the most riders during the 2023 championship demonstrating that this sport has a present and future in the Catalan territory.
Fernando Castillo revalidated last year’s championship victory, proving that he is the fittest rider in the region. Fernando has been the most regular during the 5 tests, has not missed any appointment and has always achieved good results. A well-deserved victory.
The final podium was closed by Pol Palau and Mohamed Bensliman, two riders with unique styles that will show us their qualities in the Street BMX competition of Extreme Barcelona.

This is the end of this second edition of the Esportcat Extreme, a competition supported by the Catalan Sports Council, which will be back in force in 2024.

Thank you all for taking part.