• A tribute to the influential Fernando Pérez-Mañanet, the scooter competition returns to Extreme Barcelona in a bestrick format.

  • With play money, the winner will receive a belt instead of the traditional ring

The Fernando Park Battle pays tribute to Fernando Pérez-Mañanet, a key figure in the promotion of scooter racing at the Extreme Barcelona event. Both the organisers and the riders wish to honour the outstanding representative of this sport, who has been a fundamental promoter of this modality and who has been gaining relevance year after year in the Extreme Barcelona Parks.
For this reason, the organization has decided to include again one of the most emblematic competition formats in the field of scooter: the bestrick competition in Central Park, renamed ‘Fernando Park Battle’ in his honour for another year, this time, for the 15th anniversary of the event.

This event will take place on Sunday 17 September, and although the riders who will participate are still to be confirmed, there will be a financial prize, a figure significantly higher than in previous editions. A novelty this time is that the winner will not receive a ring as in previous editions, but a belt inspired by the one worn by the winners of boxing matches. 
The competition format will remain faithful to its tradition: each rider will have 3 attempts, and only one will emerge as the winner.
In previous editions, this competition has been the scene of impressive tricks, previously unattainable in the history of scootering, generating more excitement year after year among the spectators, so the anticipation is enormous. We can’t wait to see what tricks our riders come up with, and we’re sure they won’t leave anyone indifferent. 
This is our way of saying: In your honour, Fer!