• Still with an emotional hangover from Extreme? We bring you the 5 best moments of the 12th edition of Extreme Barcelona
Esteban Clot: World First man 

The Park Battle returned to Central Park for its 12th edition, this time renamed the Fernando Park Battle in honor of Fernando Perez Manyanet, the driving force behind scootering in Europe.

Eight riders paid tribute to Fernando leaving their skin and their best tricks in Central Park. The night was getting dark in the Parc del Fòrum and on his fourth attempt Esteban Clot made history: he landed a 360 frontflip drop from the 5 meters high wallride, a feat never seen in competition that put the finishing touch to an unforgettable weekend.



Matis Neyroud I, The new king of Scooter Street 

Neyroud broke Lucas Di Meglio‘s reign by seizing his throne in a packed Street Plaza. Matis put the judges and onlookers in his pocket after landing his final best trick attempt with a Croocked to fakie to fakie frontflip to halfcab flair, an absolute madness that ended with Neyroud with the gold hanging around his neck.




Jordan Clark VI of Extreme Barcelona

Central Park once again crowned Jordan Clark as Scooter Park champion. The British rider took the gold as soon as he stepped on the track with two spectacular rounds in which he landed all the tricks. Clark further extends his reign in the Central becoming the rider with more medals of the 12 editions of Extreme Barcelona.




Kieran Rielly: Double Flair, Double Fun 

Kieran Rielly has double flair in his DNA and he proved it at the grand final of Extreme Barcelona where the Briton put half a gold medal in his pocket when he pulled off a perfect double flair. The Brit is one of the favorites to win a medal in Paris 2024 and fill the French capital with Double Flairs and impossible tricks. 

 Will he dare to perform a triple flair in competition?




Angelo Caro, eyes on the gold 

Angelo Caro focused on the Gold in his first Extreme Barcelona and achieved it over young promises like Ginwoo Onodera and one of his classic rivals: Richard Tury. The Peruvian made a first round to forget but the second round was sublime: he landed all the tricks and the crowd fell apart. In his bestricks round he did a 360 flip over the gap to frontside fifty, showing all his quality and why he has an Olympic diploma on the shelf in his room. 

Roos Zwetsloot & Iveta Miculycová: Girl Power 

Roos Zwetsloot in skateboarding and Iveta Miculycová in BMX are the great revelation of Extreme Barcelona. The two got their first gold medal in the competition and demonstrated a claw up to the Skate and Bike. 

Iveta, in the BMX semifinal and final showed a great level of riding, so much so that she performed quite a few risky tricks like a nothing that gave her a pass to the final with the highest score of the semifinal.  Roos, on the other hand, showed style for the street place with an incredible smoothness and quality in his tricks.