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  • BMX Street returns to Extreme Barcelona’s StreetPark 4 years later 

  • Climbing, the Olympic sport, makes its debut as a competition in this twelfth edition. 


This edition of Extreme Barcelona comes with surprises, BMX Street, returns to storm the Street plaza with more talent than ever, the best athletes of this discipline are already preparing to land in Barcelona and show all their talent.

The development of the competition will be the usual in this discipline, the qualifiers will have 2 free rounds of 45 Seconds and, in the final, a final bestrick will be added to the two rounds, which will determine the final champion of the competition. 

The discipline returns to the ring as an incentive for the new generations of riders, new talent hopes to be crowned with the gold in the return of BMX street to Extreme Barcelona. In addition, the top 3 riders who qualify in the EsportCat Extreme circuit will win a direct pass to participate in the discipline.

Who will run the StreetPlaza?