• First medals at Extreme Barcelona with South American protagonism: Argentina’s Mauro Esteban Iglesias won the gold medal in men’s skateboarding and Virginia Cavalcante did the same in the women’s category
  • Danny León, the Spanish representative, finished fifth in the men’s race, while Daniela Terol came close to the medals, finishing fourth in the women’s race

The medals arrive at Extreme Barcelona 2021! Skateboarding has distributed this Saturday the first medals of the 11th edition with finals to mark.The stands of the Street Plaza in the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona have vibrated with the spectacle that these brilliant athletes have given us.

We were eager to see the skaters in action and the waiting was worth it. Throughout the day on Saturday, the competition has developed in a very intense day, but that has left us images for posterity.

Mauro Esteban Iglesias wins Extreme crown

The men’s competition has been very close. There was only five points difference between the top five skaters in the final, with excitement until the last moment and first class show.

The winner was the Argentinian Mauro Esteban Iglesias, who delighted us with a piece of Big Spin Lipslide with soft ironing as we all like. 

Silver went to Brazil’s Ivan Monteiro, who always puts on a great show with his tricks, including an amazing 360 Flip Noselide. To complete the podium, the European flavor was provided by Slovakian Richard Tury, who won the bronze medal thanks to another 360 Lipes with the mishap of touching the ground with his hand.

Silver went to the Brazilian Ivan Monteiro, who always provides a great show with his tricks, highlighting his 360 Flip Noseslide, treflip lipslide, noseslide bigspin, trademark of the house. 

To complete the podium, the European flavor was provided by Slovakian Richard Tury, who won the bronze medal thanks to his characteristic combos with heelflip and finishing with the varial heel boardslide on the handrail.

Danny León brings the show playing at home

Despite not being at 100% physically, Spanish Danny León was  one of  the grea t attractions  of  the  men’s

final. The skateboarder from Móstoles, representative of the national team at the Tokyo Olympics, finished in fifth place, but was able to get the crowd in the stands with his mind-blowing tricks.

For his part, the reigning champion of Extreme Barcelona, Portugal’s Bruno Serna, didn’ have his best day and finished the final in sixth position.

Brazil’s Virginia Calvante, women’s gold medalist

Virginia Cavalcante gave her all and won the gold medal of the competition. Mistress of the rails, she has ironed a beautiful backside feeble that you can see below.

The silver medal also had a Portuguese accent, as it was won by the Portuguese Rafaela Costa. This girl likes to fly a lot. She has ironed an ollie jumping the fun box of the park, an addict to heights.

In third position we find the Mexican Itzel Granados. This great skater has been very close to achieving the second position, which has been only one point away. We highlight her smooth lipes and with a lot of flow that has earned her the bronze medal.

Daniela Terol, 12 years old, comes close to winning a medal

The records of precocity in Skateboarding have been engraved for several years with the name of Daniela Terol. The skateboarder from Barcelona, who competed in her hometown, has been left at the gates of the bronze medal after finishing fourth in the final.

Her youth, 12 years old, is insulting for her competitors, who are almost twice her age. Daniela has been the great attraction of the local public. Her boldness, talent and skill on the skateboard is evident. We are sure that the Catalan will win many medals in future editions of Extreme Barcelona.

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