• Three of those classified for the Skate finals in the Street modality have participated in the Extreme Barcelona.

Skaters Gustavo Ribeiro, Aurelien Giroud and Angelo Caro managed to qualify for the final of the 2020 Olympic games in the street discipline.

Angelo Caro, In addition to achieving a great 5th position in the final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he is also the winner of the World Roller Games de 2019.

Angelo Caro

Aurelien Giraud He is an old acquaintance of ours since in addition to winning the best trick of Extreme Barcelona in 2017, he is also a semifinalist Madrid Urban Sports Virtual de 2020.

The Frenchman, having qualified first in the semifinal and having ironed one of the most epic tricks of the day, 360flip fs lipslide on the gap to rail (the largest module in the park) finished in 6th position overtaking the great Nyjah Huston (7th ) but did not achieve a better position due to the discomfort he suffered in his knee.

“It moves me a lot, it was a good start with a 1st place qualification for the final, but unfortunately I couldn’t do what I wanted, my knee was getting more and more sore from the competition, as promised. I did my best. “

From Extreme Barcelona we wish you a good recovery Aurelien!

And finally the Portuguese Gustavo Ribeiro, one of our flagship riders, winner of the Extreme Barcelona in 2017, who also achieved a third place in the 2018 edition and a 2nd position in World Roller Games 2019. In the final of the Olympics, he was not at his highest level due to a shoulder dislocation that occurred in a severe fall in the last edition of the Dew Tour but despite everything, he classified for the final.

Yuto Horigome becomes the first Olympic champion in history.

The Japanese was one of the favorites for gold and he more than fulfilled, sweeping all rivals with the style that characterizes him. Yuto Horigome was the great winner of a very close men’s street final and at the same time marked by the injuries that some of the finalists dragged. The Japanese exuded quality and style throughout the final, ironing perfect rounds and putting dirt in the middle of each bestrick he ironed.

We highlight pumps such as the nollie bs 270 noseslide on the 12 ladder rail or the nollie frontward nosegrind revert on the same module. And all this ironed on top of the screws, crazy. It did not drop below 9 on any of its scores. Nothing more to add.

He was accompanied on the podium by the Brazilian Kevin Hoefler who got silver in extremis thanks to the half cab 270 bs tailslide on the twelve ladder rail and the American Jaeger Eaton who with his always solid rounds and switch tricks won bronze.

Podium final skate masculino | Tokio 2020

Nyjah Houston the great defeated

Skateboarding does not understand pools or favorites. And this time it wasn’t the Nyjah Olympics. The American superhero choked the best trick section, specifically the fullcab flip bs lipslide in the gap to rail. Trick that would have been a guaranteed podium but that the American did not manage to iron.

Surprisingly, Nyjah has accepted defeat with humility, a fact that shows the stage of maturity in which the skater is.

We leave you with his reflection after the defeat.


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