The imaginExtreme Barcelona is back, the best riders are back

The countdown to the imaginExtreme Barcelona is coming to an end. One week from now, some of the best riders in the world will be in Barcelona for the tenth edition of imaginExtreme Barcelona. After getting to know the two stages where the skate, scooter, BMX and roller freestyle competitions will be held, today we present which world figures will come to compete, on November 7 and 8, at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona.

Faced with the difficult health situation in Catalonia, the imaginExtreme Barcelona will take maximum security measures to ensure the health of all athletes, the organization and all the people who make the event possible. Some of these measures are the creation of small bubble groups, to avoid interaction between riders or allow only access to those people directly involved with the event in the Forum Park.

On the other hand, riders will only be able to attend in their competitions or training sessions, and will not be able to stay around the Forum to see the other modalities. Also, athletes are following all the prevention mechanisms imposed by the Spanish government and those of their countries, in order to reach Barcelona safely. To these measures will be added the safety distance, good hand hygiene and the use of a face mask, which will be mandatory throughout the event. Finally, the space will be cleaned frequently to ensure maximum safety for all involved.

Men’s and women’s skateboarding

One of the most popular forms of urban sports is skateboarding. Its popularity is of such magnitude that in 2021 it will have its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games. At imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​riders such as Matias dell Olio, Danny Leon, Vincent Milou, Gustavo Ribeiro and Alex Decunha will meet at Barcelona Street Plaza to offer the best tricks and look for the victory.

The list of names is very long, but only with the riders mentioned can we see the first-class international representation that imaginExtreme Barcelona will have, with South American (Dell Olio) and European skaters (Milou, Ribeiro, Decunha…). Spanish rider Danny León, considered by many to be the best in the country, will be one of the main attractions of the event.

As for the women’s competition, the names of the Spaniards Paola Flores and Mar Barrera, winners of the 2019 World Roller Games, held last year in Barcelona, ​​should be highlighted. There will also be international representation in this event, such as the Dutch Keet Oldenbeuving.

BMX, with Sergio Layos and Roomet Säälik

The competitions for this popular sport, which will also have its Olympic debut at the 2021 Tokyo Games, will take place in Catalunya Central Park. The best European riders will come to imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​and names like Sergio Layos, Eric Ponce and Roomet Säälik are synonymous with spectacle. One of the main attractions will be the Estonian Säälik, which with its versatility with the scooter and BMX, will be able to offer the best tricks in both modalities.

Scooter, park and street

As for scooter competitions, they will be held on both stages of imaginExtreme Barcelona; Catalunya Central Park and Barcelona Street Plaza. In the street mode, you can see riders like Luis Barrios, Jonathan Perroni, Dante Hutchinson, Richard Zelinka and Auguste Pellaud. The last one, the Frenchman Pellaud, has just won the World Street Fight, and will arrive in Barcelona with the desire to prove his mastery.

As for the scooter park modality, riders like Dante Hutchinson (who will also compete in street) Richard Zelinka or Esteban Cloot, will have to compete for the victory with Roomet Säälik, the versatile rider who competes in BMX and scooter in the imaginExtreme Barcelona.

Roller freestyle, street and park roller with a lot of international presence

The fourth of the disciplines in which imaginExtreme Barcelona will compete is roller freestyle. Also popularly known as inline, in Barcelona you can see the best male and female riders in the park and street disciplines.

As for the men, the park will feature riders such as Nicolas Servy, Julian Coulter and Raul Quiles, who will arrive as the reigning champion of the Spanish Roller Freestyle Championship. In the women’s category there will also be high level riders, such as Mery Muñoz, Amandine Condroyer or Sara Vilella, the winner of the last edition of imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​in 2018.

In the street mode there will only be men’s competition, and riders such as Yuri Bothelo and Michael Prado will compete for victory at the Barcelona Street Plaza in the Parc del Fòrum.

The imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​behind closed doors

We remind you that this tenth edition of the imaginExtreme Barcelona will have to be held behind closed doors. The current health situation, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, has forced the organization, along with local authorities, to make the difficult decision to hold the event without an audience. However, the event can be followed on Esport3, the Urban World Series Youtube channel, via EdgeSport internationally and on the Olympic Channel.