The first stop of the recently announced Circuit Storm (eSports), the competition for amateur players of League of Legends, will be in the imaginExtreme Barcelona.

In the RiftAnalyst Cup there are 210 teams that play an online phase in May when it will be decided which teams travel to the final.

The success of participation demonstrates the growth of the gaming sector in our country.

Barcelona, ​​May 25 2018.

On the tenth anniversary of the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​the action sports and urban lifestyle festival wants to continue offering new experiences to the attendees. This year for the first time an eSports competition is organized, the RiftAnalyst Cup, within the framework of the new Circuit Storm.

This first stop is organized by Fluendo, the developer of RiftAnalyst, the first full analysis tool of League of Legends (Lol). This competition has exceeded all expectations in terms of participation demonstrating the interest that the gaming sector has in our country.

RiftAnalyst Cup, how does it work?

The RiftAnalyst Cup is being a success! In this first edition they registered 210 teams of 5 people each to participate in the online tournament this May. Some of the competitions can be watched live online at

From this online qualifier will come out the 8 teams that will travel to the final in Barcelona. Finally, during the imaginExtreme we will know who are the 3 best teams of the RiftAnalyst Cup that will get individual points according to their position (550, 410 and 350 respectively).

The teams that get more points after all competitions, 7 in total, will participate in the Grand Final of the Circuit Storm. In the same way, these points will also serve to designate an individual winner at the end of the tournament.

Where to find it?

The RiftAnalyst Cup stage will be at the entrance of the imaginExtreme Barcelona venue and will have a capacity for 500 spectators. They will enjoy the competition from 2 screens and watching live players on the platform. It will also have an area so that the rest of the attendees can follow the game standing. Newskill, the Spanish brand of peripherals with a large presence in the gaming scene, will be responsible to provide the stage in the RiftAnalyst Cup.

Tickets available

Tickets for the 10th anniversary of the imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website, with popular prices from € 12,50% discounts for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for customers of imaginBank, Family and CaixaBank.