There is little less than a month left for the start of the imaginExtreme Barcelona that takes place in the Forum park on June 16 and 17.
You can find 21 competitive varieties that will be developed in the different parks of the Barcelona Forum.
Central Park, BEO Park and the Dirt Area will be the main places.


In the Central Park (auditorium 1) there will be competitions of four different modalities: the Scooter will be the protagonist in this track. One more year the last test of the International Scooter Association is disputed. The next scooter world champion will be in Barcelona. In addition, we will also have the MGP Park Battle. The rider who makes the best trick will take €1.500 along with the champion belt. In Central Park, you will also find BMX, Inline and Streetboard tests.

The park has been created by Hurricane, the skatepark builder of FISE. Central Park is worthy of a world championship. For this reason, maintaining the speed and height of the tricks is essential to fight for the medals. In addition, this year the track is larger than the previous edition: 52X30 meters. Some of the modules that the riders will find are: a great Wallride, Funbox, Spine, Hips, Step Ups and handrails, that this year there will be three instead of two.

At the BEO Park, located in auditorium 2, you will find skateboarding competitions. There you will see the competition of the Barcelona European Open, one of the most popular skate competitions in Europe. In this park, Skate will be the only protagonist throughout the day on Saturday.

Sunday, at BEO Park, the Park Street events will be contested. On this track, the riders will compete to be the best for Inline and BMX on Street category. In addition, the Final World Street Scooter will be played.




The track has been built by California Skateparks Europe. The American company has been inspired by the smallest modules that you can find on the streets of any city. Morover, the park has gained in length and width (42X13) compared to 2017. In the BEO Park you can find handrails, hubbals. In addition to a quarter and a quarter to bank that delimit the track.

This edition is special because the imaginExtreme Barcelona celebrates 10 years. For this reason, the Dirt Jump will be one of the novelties of the festival. Who makes the best BMX and MTB trick, will take the prize. The Dirt Jump, built by La Poma Bikepark of Premià de Dalt, will be located in the Dirt Area, between Central Park and the Cross Park.




One of the most popular urban sports festivals in Europe is about to start. Have you already bought your ticket?

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