After a hot day of competitions we have the first medals in women's inline park and streetboard. It has also carried out the semi-finals of BMX, scooter and BEO. The level has been very high and the judges of different modalities and it has been very difficult to score this level.

In the category of BMX riders in the top three on the podium have been the argentinas Jose Torres, the american Jeremy Mallot and the venezuelan Daniel Dhers. Tomorrow a total of eight athletes will compete in the final in Central Park.

The scooter has been the sport that has brought more fans to the steps of the auditorium 1 in El Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona. We conducted the semifinals of the ISA (International Scooter Association) where has won the american Dakota Schuetz followed by the english and Leo Spencer and the american Jonmarco Gaydos. 12 riders will compete tomorrow in the final. In the MGP all riders are classified for tomorrow.

In the BEO a total of eight riders have qualified for the men's final tomorrow. The podium has been: argentine Matias Dell Olio, portuguese Jorge Simões and brazilian Vinicius Santos.

In the finals Kayla Carmichael, Mery Muñoz and Tais Colares have been the three finalists in the category of women's inline park and Gabi Muñoz, Sergi Nicolas Tancrède Leca the winners in Streetboard.