One more year the #imaginextremebarcelona will have three large facilities that will hold the 14 competitions during the weekend of 17 and 18 June.

Following the tradition, in the auditorium 1 will be located the Central Park, a park that totally changes with those seen in previous editions. The construction of the park will be in charge of FISEArea, those in charge of building all Parks of FISEWOLRD. For this edition the dimensions of the installation increase substantially (50x25m) and the modules will gain in size, this way the participating riders will be able to risk with tricks of greater difficulty. The Park consists of a large funbox as a central module, limited on both sides by walls of quarters and wallrides that reach up to 4.3m maximum height. The central module will be accompanied by a great stepup, a spine, a great hip, and two street modules so that the more technical ones can show off. A large and very complete park that will be a challenge for medalists.

As for the skatepark of our neighbor during the weekend, the BEO (Barcelona European Open), will be California Skateparks Europe the company in charge of constructing the skatepark located in the auditorium 2. Another park that also increases its measures with respect to past editions ( 43x12m) something that the skaters will be grateful to have more space between modules. The skatepark is based on a set of rails and hubbas at different heights bounded on one side by a wall of quarterpipes and planes inclined at the other end. The module that will give more to speak will be that great flatrail elevated that will test to the more engorilados of the weekend. In short a very technical and perfect route to link different modules in a round.

The third installment of imaginExtreme Barcelona will be one more year Cross Track, a circuit that has its start in the solar plate of the Forum and ends just below the main Auditorium. Longboard, Scooter cross and Inline cross will be held in this circuit and will only be the fastest in all of these tests. The cross track will consist of 9 obstacles that riders must overcome at the highest possible speed before crossing the finish line. Funbox, dubbies, peraltes and wallrides will be some of these modules that will compose the circuit.

The three facilities will be a great event that will once again make all the Barcelonans feel. Remember that you can take advantage of the early ticket discounts here: