A new experience for the skateboard community lands in Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona European Open (BEO) and it will be held in the same space of the imaginExtreme Barcelona. An event that seeks to combine the essence of skateboarding and international competition. Between 15th and 18th June, BEO will be installed between the MACBA square and the auditorium 2 of the Parc del Forum of Barcelona, ​​this last scenario, within the framework of the urban sports festival ImaginExtreme Barcelona.

Barcelona is the right city for a new project that will work to be the International reference that professional riders and the skateboarding scene are looking for. In this context, BEO can be defined as a new bet for the skate in Barcelona and as the ecosystem that the community demands, both at a sporting and social level.

Pro / am Championship

This new platform called BEO will count in its first edition with three competitions with International riders, sponsored skaters and talented amateurs who will show their level and to seek to grow in the scene. All of them will have the same goal: to reach as far as possible in the competition.

Three competitions will be held at BEO Park, located in the auditorium two of the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona, ​​between the days 17th and 18th of June during the imaginExteme Barcelona. It will hold a women’s skateboarding championship, junior and men’s.

BEO has also worked to find the balance between institutional relationships – it will be supported by the Barcelona City Council, the International Skateboarding Federation and the International Roller Sports Federation.

The social BEO

These competitions will be accompanied by different shows such as meetings, best tricks or a spot Battle in the MACBA square in Barcelona. BEO will also have its own party on Thursday June 15th, Bowl Party at Nevermind. In addition, all those who want to enjoy BEO during the days 17th and 18th of June, will be able to accede to the open park zone with a street area and miniramp, as well as a specific market with skate shops.