On 17 and 18 June 2017, the 8th edition of imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​the action sports and urban lifestyle festival, will arrive at the Barcelona Forum Parc.

The festival will celebrate competitions of six modalities with riders of the international scene and the best national athletes pro and am.

ImaginExtreme Barcelona stands out for its commitment to women’s sport and has become the European festival of the sector with greater participation of women.

The countdown to Barcelona’s most outstanding action sports event has already begun. In a month, the Forum Park will once again host hundreds of action sports riders within the framework of the 8th edition of imaginExtreme Barcelona. On 17 and 18 June 2017, once again, Barcelona will be able to enjoy the festival that combines international competition with urban culture, music and other activities.

Six modalities and a great bet for the feminine sport

The imaginExtreme Barcelona continues betting on the different sports of action that arouse the interest of a wide group. This 2017 festival will feature a total of six different modalities such as the BMX, scooter, inline, longboard, streetboard and skateboard, the latter with a special focus by incorporating the BEO – Barcelona European Open -.

One more year the scooter mode will decide the world champion, since it is the final of the ISA (International Scooter Association) and will have the 60 best scooter riders in the world.

In addition, imaginExtreme Barcelona stands out for its great commitment to women’s sport. It is the European festival of action sports in which there are more urban sports in the female category (a total of four: BMX, longboard, inline and skateboard).

One of the main elements of the festival is that most of its competitions are pro + am championships, that is, professional riders with amateurs. In this way, a unique opportunity is offered to local and national athletes to demonstrate their value to the best competitors of each specialty.

More than competition

Beyond all the competitions that can be lived in the Parc del Forum, the imaginExtreme Barcelona is also a festival of urban culture. This means that attendees will be able to enjoy music, complementary activities, outdoor spaces to relax, eat in the food trucks, browse for the specialty shops in the Market and even practice in the open practice areas.

Tickets already available

The tickets for the 8th imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website www.imaginextremebarcelona.com, with popular prices from € 12, discounts of 50% for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for imaginBank customers , Family and CaixaBank.

ImaginBank, main sponsor of the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017

ImaginBank is the first mobile-only bank in which the operation is done exclusively through mobile apps and social networks. It is a step forward in CaixaBank’s innovation strategy, recognized internationally as one of the leading entities in the application of new technologies to financial services.

ImaginBank gathers the experience of CaixaBank as a leading entity in technological innovation and in service to the young target. For this reason, it offers its support and gives name to the imaginExtreme Barcelona event.

The support of the Barcelona City Council through the Institut Barcelona Esports as the main collaborator and the sponsorship of CaixaBank are essential for the imaginExtreme Barcelona to have achieved great success and consolidation in the previous seven editions.