imaginExtreme Barcelona 2016 competition official schedule is ready, with a rate of 10 hours of uninterrupted competitions throughout the weekend in the three locations we buils specially for the event:  Central Park, Skate Park and Cross Track.

You can see in Bold all the finals, we will have some of them both days.

Some contests will be boradcasted by the catalan television in Esports3 channel, and on demand in the official website.

Saturday broadcasted contests: Streetboard World Championships, MGP Park Battle, Wmn Inline Park Pro Final, Mens Inline Park Pro Final. (16.30 – 18.30).

Sunday broadcasted contests: Mens Skate Pro Final, Wmns Skate Pro Final, ISA Scooter World final, BMX Park Pro Final + all saturday contests (15.00 – 18.45)