The Streetboard World championships 2016will be held on the imaginExtreme Barcelona. The best international riders will compete to be crowned as a world champion in the Central Park.

Riders from arround the globe will come to the contest: Chile, Argentina, Germany, France, and we will have the spanish referents in the sport; Sergi Nicolás and Gabi Muñoz.This is the first year imaginExtreme Barcelona push this sport, born in South Africa during 1989, a sport based in the mixture between skate and snowboarding making a sport full of spectacularity and adrenalin. The streetboard contest will be powered by the two big companies nowadays:  Gazpacho Boards and DImension Boards.

Riders list:

Bernat Pomerol (ESP) Sergi Nicolás (ESP) Tancrede Leca (FRA) Simon Johns (UK) Ismael Calvo (CHI) Gabi Muñoz (ESP) Eric Brun (ESP) Thomas Kienle (GER) Mario Kurrle (GER) Nacho Avila (ESP) David La Rotta (ESP) Eduard Wojcik (GER)


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