Jordan Clark is a 25-year-old Englishman who started skating in 2011. Just 4 years later, he became world champion and has gone on to hold the title up to 5 times, the last one this June at Madrid Urban Sports.

Jordan Clark’s name has become synonymous with success at Extreme Barcelona. Since his debut at the event in 2015, he has accumulated no less than seven Extreme medals in his trophy cabinet, the seventh of which he won last week at an event celebrating the event’s 15th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, Clark sported a new helmet design, in which the medals are proudly displayed against a black background.

2015 🥇, 2016 🥇, 2017 🥈, 2018 🥇,
2021🥇, 2022 🥇,  2023 🥈

But his ambition doesn’t stop there. At the recent 15th anniversary Extreme Barcelona World Skate Scootering Pro Tour, where he came in second place, Clark redeemed himself with a true performance in the Fernando Park Battle, taking the win with a tornado of spins that had the entire crowd cheering.

Known as the ‘British clockwork’ due to his precision and consistency in every competition, Jordan Clark has forged his way to the legend he is today. His dedication and skill on the scooter make him an inspiration to all scooter enthusiasts.