The first finals will be played throughout Saturday, revealing the first champions, including the European Breaking Championships


The stands are filled with crowds that aim to surpass the attendance of previous editions


The big skateboard, scooter, BMX and breaking competitions, with prestigious athletes, are accompanied by the Caixabank Basket 3×3 and the Cash4Tricks that take place in the afternoon

A sunny Saturday kicks off a new day of the 15th Anniversary of Extreme Barcelona weekend, which has scheduled an endless number of qualifiers, semi-finals and finals of Skate, Scooter and BMX and the Spanish Breaking Championship,

Yesterday’s rain forced the organisers to adapt the competition schedule, adding more action to Saturday and Sunday without modifying the schedules already established for the expected finals.

With the arrival of the weekend and the good weather, hundreds of curious people have come to Parc Fòrum to enjoy the competitions with a leisure and food area that includes markets and foodtrucks opening today to the public, all kinds of delicious burgers, crepes, ice cream and soft drinks to a complete space with skates, shoes, clothing, accessories, accessories and much more.

Breaking was not long in coming and offered, under a grateful shade, the final of the Spanish junior championship, which took place on a stage full of fans who cheered on the participants. In the adjoining area, a group of children and youngsters watched promising youngsters such as BGirl Lola who trained and offered acrobatics to the youngest.

Caixabank’s 3×3 Basketball, fast, exciting and more physical than traditional basketball, also filled the atmosphere with curious onlookers and fans.

The liveliest of the children got on skateboards in the open parks of the different sponsors and showed their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new tricks and pirouettes. Expectations were not lacking for the junior BMX riders who were competing in the final at 13:30h at noon.

The action didn’t stop there, because at 15:00h the women’s BMX final took place in the Central Park, one of the categories with the highest level in this event, as there were great professionals who had never competed in the same edition, such as the Olympic medallists Charlotte Worthington and Nikita Ducarroz, together with the favourite for the national championship Teresa Fernández, which guarantees a spectacle.

The turn for another exciting competition, the men’s Skateboarding final, from 18:30h to 19:45h, located in the Street Plaza, will welcome with anticipation the two titans Angelo Caro and Mauro Iglesias. These two champions of past editions, have decided to participate in this great event and compete to get the first place complicating the victory to the Spanish Danny Leon, who is one of the favourites.

Angelo Caro, who finished fifth at the Tokyo Olympics, won last year’s Extreme Barcelona, driving the crowd wild with his tricks. On the other hand, Mauro Iglesias also managed to win in 2021, a year where the top five finalists were only five points apart. But it was finally the Argentinian who managed to become the winner.

The Cash4Tricks are also one of today’s highlights, a competition format in which cash money is handed out for performing a “trick”. At 16:30h in skate mode and at 18:30h in BMX in the stands in front of the entrance to the event.

Finals schedule for Saturday 16 September:


10:00 -18:00 BASKET 3X3 CAIXABANK 


15:00 – 16:00 BMX PARK WOMEN FINAL

17:00 – 18:00 BMX MEN FINAL

18:30 – 19:45 SKATE MEN FINAL