Mattel Brand shines at HotWheels Superchargers BMX and Market Zone Finals

The eagerly awaited first Hot Wheels Superchargers final took place in the iconic Central Park. The BMX competition attracted an action-packed crowd, and so it was.

The victory went to Pau Sala, who, as he has already shown us on other occasions, has an impressive command of the track. The adrenaline was at its peak, as Javitxu de la Torre gave no respite to Pau Sala, maintaining an intense fight for the first place and finishing in an outstanding second position. The podium was completed by Julen Arenaza Muruamendi, taking third place in this exciting BMX competition.

Hot Wheels has also set up a very complete stand in the markets area where you can buy their cars and fingerboards, the miniature scooters that you can skate with your fingers. They have set up a fingerboard track so you can play with them too. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a mini ramp and different modules where the public can go skateboarding or scootering.

Basket 3×3 of Caixabank was undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Saturday morning at Extreme Barcelona

The CaixaBank 2023 Plaza 3×3 at Extreme Barcelona this Saturday attracted a huge crowd. This was the sixth stop on the CaixaBank 2023 Plaza 3×3 circuit, taking over from Vigo, Cordoba, Toledo, Pamplona and Logroño, which had hosted the previous stops, and brought together 300 players in 75 teams, including wheelchair teams and CaixaBank Somos Saludables teams. Throughout the day, 150 high-level matches took place, attracting more than 3,000 visitors.

In addition to the exciting matches, shooting and skill contests were organised under the guidance of FEB Ambassador Fernando Romay, which added an extra dose of excitement. As the day drew to a close, prizes were awarded to the winning teams in each category.

The Caixabank 3×3 Square at Extreme was supported by the Barcelona City Council and EsportCat, and the collaboration of the Catalan Basketball Federation, demonstrating the commitment of the institutions to this exciting sport. And no wonder, as since its inception in 2012, the Plaza 3×3 programme has grown enormously, with 113 stops in 43 cities across Spain, and has attracted more than 50,000 participants and 300,000 visitors, no doubt a great addition to the calendar for the 15th anniversary of Extreme Barcelona.