The team behind the iconic Extreme Barcelona event, celebrating its 15th anniversary, has given a stylish and sustainable twist to its staff’s wardrobe thanks to two exceptional partners: Blue Banana and Stetson.

Blue Banana, the Spanish clothing brand that pioneered the carbon-neutralisation of its catalogue, has been chosen as the Official Clothing Partner for the event’s staff. This brand, which has won the admiration of sustainable fashion lovers, is characterised by its garments made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. The choice of Blue Banana is not only based on its commitment to sustainability, but also on its shared values with Extreme Barcelona in terms of supporting urban sports and emerging talents.

In addition, Blue Banana has implemented ethical production practices, making its products an even more attractive choice for those seeking a responsible and conscious lifestyle. This collaboration demonstrates the alignment of core values between the two parties, as both Extreme Barcelona and Blue Banana believe in the transformative power of urban sport and its ability to inspire new generations.

But Blue Banana is not alone in this celebration. Stetson, the renowned hat and accessory brand, has also joined the team, equipping workers with their iconic caps. This collaboration promises to add an extra touch of style to the event, consolidating Extreme Barcelona’s image as a benchmark in the world of urban sports.