• Four of the world’s best riders have already confirmed their attendance at Extreme Barcelona

  • Nikita Ducarroz, Keiran Reilly, Charlotte Worthington and Daniel Dhers are the names that will go down in history and you should remember them

Athletes don’t want to miss this 15th anniversary of Extreme Barcelona, where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the greatest exponents of BMX, the flagship sport of Extreme Barcelona, present in its sports programme since its first edition in 2008.

Olympic medallists and world champions, these are the reasons why your visit to Extreme Barcelona is a must:

Charlotte Worthington: The Englishwoman has become the first winner of the BMX Freestyle Olympic Games. At Tokyo 2020 she took the hard-earned gold medal in bmx park, making history. She also won last year’s Madrid Urban Sports, represents the UK in the British cycling team and brands like Adidas have not hesitated for a second to sponsor her. Will she show mercy to the rest of the riders?

Nikita Ducarroz: She could easily be one of her rivals. The Swiss also went to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and came in a solid third place for a bronze medal. She took the same position at Extreme Barcelona 2022. With a hunger for victory, the Red Bull athlete is sure to go all out.

Kieran Reilly: He is the star of BMX today. He is the current world champion and European champion. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also champion of Extreme Barcelona 2022 and Madrid Urban Sports 2022. He took second place at this year’s XGames and boasts the first ever BMX Triple Fair in history. Definitely something to write a book about. The Redbull athlete and member of the British national cycling team will revolutionise the stands and will make it very difficult for the rest of the competitors as he has every chance of being a sure-fire signing for the next Olympics in Paris 2024. Will anyone be able to beat him?
After this review of track records we can’t get an idea of how close the competitions at Extreme Barcelona will be. Are you going to miss it?

Daniel Dhers is a clear candidate. With a long experience in his sport, he has endeared himself to the fans. The Venezuelan athlete won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics and left a lasting impression on the extreme sports community. At the Extreme Barcelona event, he’s claimed multiple victories, including gold medals in 2014, 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2021, as well as a silver medal in 2019 and a bronze in 2022. Although he will still take part in Barcelona for his 15th anniversary, Dhers revealed his retirement from competition after the Olympic Games, announcing this decision at Madrid Urban Sports.

After this review of track records we can’t get an idea of how close the competitions at Extreme Barcelona will be. Are you going to miss it?