– World Skate & Urban World Series join forces once again to bring the best of scootering to Barcelona
–  A new circuit & world ranking as a basis to position scootering as a candidate for an olympic spor

Extreme Barcelona has been, is and will always be an emblematic event for scootering, and as a celebration of the 15th anniversary, the event takes a step further on this sport’s growth partnering with World Skate to create the first stop of the World Skate Pro Tour. A circuit that lays the foundation of a world ranking system with the eye on an olympic qualifying system. Olympism in which scootering seems to have a reserved spot in the near future.

Parc del Fòrum prepares to celebrate on its two emblematic facilities: Central Park & Street Plaza, the competitions on its three principal categories: Men, Women & Junior.

6 competitions that will have the participation of more than 150 athletes to deliver the best show possible, make the crowd that will fill up the bleachers of the two principal sceneries of Extreme Barcelona vibrate.

Renowned athletes like Jordan Clark, Esteban Clot & Jayden Sharman will be the names to follow on the Men Park modality. Jordan is the most decorated athlete of the barcelonian event, and in his power he treasures 6 medals, 5 of them gold. Will he manage to add one more gold to his collection?

Claire Parks lands in Barcelona with the world champion title on her shoulder, nevertheless she has some talented rivals to defeat such as Lucy Evans and Mia Catalano, who will try to take away the victory in Central Park. Catalano is the big reference in Women Street modality, she will participate in Street & Park, on her goal to position as the most complete rider of the present.

Men Street has a name, and that is Lucas Di Meglio. The french rider lands in Barcelona as the world champion, and it seems hard that someone’s able to snatch the victory from him.

Male Street has its own name, and this is Lucas Di Meglio. The French rider arrives in Barcelona as the world champion and it seems difficult for someone to take his victory. The big base is from the house and has shown that it can stand up to Di Meglio, this is Guifré Obradors, a Catalan athlete based in Navàs. Other names that are strong candidates for the podium include the Australian Kai Saunders, the French Jonathan Perroni, and the Swiss Matis Neyroud.

From September 15th to 17th, the best scootering makes an appearance in Extreme Barcelona. An event that, from the second consecutive year will have free entrance, made for everyone, and with the reason of its 15th anniversary, comes loaded with the biggest competition & cultural activities in the event’s history.

See you at Parc del Fòrum 👊