The return of BMX on the Street and a Double Flair in the Park

The Street Plaza witnessed the return of BMX after four years, where Adrian Duneuquela blew everyone away by taking the gold medal in the BMX Street category. His second round was incredibly solid and executed to perfection, full of combos all over the park. Courage Adams came in second place with an impressive trick that had the stands rocking: a barspin icepick grain.

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In the men’s category, Kieran Riley took the gold medal after two spectacular rounds with extremely risky tricks, such as his classic double flair and a 360 in the funbox. Riley has double flair in his DNA and proved it at the Extreme Barcelona Grand Final, where he landed a perfect double flair, partially securing the gold medal. The Brit was one of the favourites to win a medal in Paris 2024 and fill the French capital with his impressive double flairs and impossible tricks. With his classic, risky and fluid style, Riley took his first Extreme Barcelona medal, while compatriot James Jones took silver and Venezuela’s Daniel Dhers took bronze, as well as the warm support of the 5,000 people watching the final from the stands.

🔴 LIVE 🚲 Extreme Barcelona 2022 BMX Men Park Final 🥇🔥

In the women’s category, Iveta Miculycová was crowned with the gold medal after a spectacular second round, where she stood out with a backflip that thrilled the audience. The Czech performed very risky tricks and got the maximum score from the judges. Queensaray Villegas repeated her silver medal from the previous edition, despite showing impressive tricks such as a 360 in the funbox or a double hexam transfer. Venezuela’s Katerine Diaz took bronze.

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Angelo Caro swept the board and Roos Zwetsloot showed why she is an Olympic athlete

The skate day was truly unforgettable. The morning saw the men’s semi-finals, where Ginwoo Onodera, only 12 years old, surprised everyone by placing second with a bigspin flip frontside borest on the centre rail. In the final, Japan’s Ginwoo Onodera competed against Angelo Caro, who was aiming for gold in his first appearance at Extreme Barcelona. In his best trick round, he performed an impressive 360 flip over the gap to frontside fifty, showing his quality and making it clear why he has an Olympic diploma in his room. Ginwoo continued to amaze in the final with a jaw-dropping frontside front tap flip in the Street Plaza. On the other hand, Richard Tury took third place by being the most consistent of the three skaters and performing top tricks, which earned him the bronze medal: airflip noses slide nollie big spin out and a flip frontside borest.

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In the women’s final, the undisputed favourite, Roos Zwetsloot, took the win after a perfect second round and three outstanding tricks that sent the judges wild. The big surprise of the afternoon was Natalia Muñoz, one of the Spanish skateboarders fighting for Olympic qualification. Muñoz took the silver medal after two flawless rounds. The bronze went to Guadalupe Orellano.

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An unbeatable Jordan Clark, a battle for gold in Street and an unrepeatable tribute by Clot

Jordan Clark made a triumphant return to his throne in Central Park after winning his sixth medal in the history of Extreme Barcelona. Clark put in two solid rounds, performing all the tricks and showing off his classic Barcelona doubles: double frontflip and double flair. Clark extended his reign in Central Park by becoming the rider with the most medals in the 12 editions of Extreme Barcelona. The podium was completed by his friend Jamie Hull in second place and Hayden Sharman, the 18-year-old who dazzled in the semi-finals, took bronze.

After the Scooter Park final, the organisers brought back the Park Battle, this time renamed the Fernando Park Battle in memory of Fernando Perez Manyanet, the driving force behind scootering at European level. Eight riders paid tribute to Fernando by giving their all and showing their best tricks in Central Park. The night got dark in the Parc del Fòrum and on his fourth attempt, Esteban Clot made history by landing a 360 frontflip from the 5-metre high wallride, a feat never seen before in competition.

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Neyroud broke Lucas Di Meglio’s reign by seizing his throne in a packed Street Plaza. Matis won over the judges and onlookers as he landed his final best trick attempt: a Croocked to fakie to fakie frontflip to halfcab flair, an absolute freak-out that ended with Neyroud taking the gold around his neck.

🔴 LIVE 🛴 Extreme Barcelona 2022 Scooter Street Final 🥇🔥