On 1 July Figueres is calling on riders to come to a new stop of the EspotCat Extreme. The city’s SkatePark will bring together skateboard, scooter and bmx riders to set the wheels in motion and show if they are worthy of qualifying for Extreme Barcelona. In the competition, there will be €450 in prizes for each category. How can you win the money? Well, it’s very simple. You’ll have to iron out your best tricks.
The schedules are as follows:

Scooter from 10h to 12h

BMX from 12h to 13:30h

Skate from 17h to 20h

Remember that to participate you must be over 16 years old and you must be registered at the following link:

In the case of BMX, registration will take place at the event on the same day. 
EsportCat Extreme continues to promote the practice of urban sport, this time in Figueres, giving them the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest events in southern Europe.