Extreme Barcelona

– The biggest urban sports event in Southern Europe will celebrate its 15 years of history. 


– Sport and urban culture will meet at the Parc del Fòrum from September 15th to 17th.


Barcelona celebrates 15 years of Extreme Barcelona, one of the most historic urban sports events. Sport and urban culture will meet again at the Parc del Fòrum from September 15 to 17. The biggest event in Southern Europe will celebrate its 15 years with free access for all those who want to enjoy a unique show. 

The event is a unique opportunity for athletes to show their skills and creativity in one of the highest level competitions and keep pushing for his qualification to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

Extreme Barcelona

Skateboarding, BMX, Scootering Street, Scootering Park, Breaking, Climbing and 3×3 Basketball will be the urban sports that will take over the Parc del Forum from September 15 to 17 with its three main venues: the Central Park, the Street Plaza and the Urban Stage, which are already preparing to welcome more than 500 athletes to the competition. 

“A very special edition of Extreme Barcelona is approaching, the 15th anniversary. From the Barcelona City Council we are very happy to have helped to promote this sporting event that is already a classic in the sports calendar of the Mercè festivities. We continue our commitment to bring urban sports closer to the citizens and that’s why Extreme Barcelona 2023 will offer the opportunity to all the people of Barcelona to enjoy this spectacle for free,” said David Escudé, sports councilor of the Barcelona City Council. 


The EsportCat Extreme, will continue to give opportinities for the Extreme Barcelona  

The EsportCat Extreme will again hand out tickets to compete in Extreme Barcelona, a project that was born precisely with the support of the general secretariat of Esport i l’Activitat Física to bring new talent in the four main modalities: Skate, Scootering, BMX and Breaking. 

The Extreme wants to bring and encourage the practice of these Olympic sports and therefore, the creation of L’EsportCat extreme this second year supported by all the catalan federations (Patinatje, Ciclisme i Ball Esportiu). Also Extreme barcelona will support the bcn skateboarding competitive circuit called lligaskatebcn owned by CEEB. Also we confirm the commitment with the young generations making school actions during the month of May in some schools to introduce urban sports to the youngest.

Extreme Barcelona


More than a competition 

Extreme Barcelona has transformed an urban sports competition into a festival where culture, sport and urban music converge at the Parc del Fòrum for a weekend full of experiences, emotions and adrenaline.  

Victor Casanovas, director of Extreme Barcelona makes a very positive balance of the 15 years of history of the event “Since Extreme Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council have worked to promote the practice of these sports betting on an event that has been growing over the years, like the sports that are now within the Olympic framework”. Also, he points out the importance of having an event with free access arguing that, “Urban sports arise from the street, Extreme had to become an event open to all of Barcelona, an event of the city in an unbeatable showcase as is the Parc del Fòrum.”