• Matis Neyroud has taken Extreme gold, snatching the crown from Di Meglio

  • Jordan Clark, the main favourite to take home his 6th metal

A surprise was sprung on the Street Plaza tonight when Swiss rider Matis Neyroud snatched the scooter throne from Lucas Di Meglio. The Swiss took the gold after a great performance and croocked to fakie to fakie frontflip to halfcab as a final flourish that brought the entire Street Plaza to its feet. 

Australian Kai Saunders took the silver after a double barspine to backside lipeslide as a bestrick. 

Guifré Obradors was on the podium again, taking bronze with two perfect rounds and three incredible best tricks. Obradors is crowned as one of the best scootering riders of the moment.

Jordan Clark, who is the main favourite to win his 6th bronze medal, finished second in the semi-final with his classic tricks. Clark has reserved all his powder for tomorrow at 18h, if he gets a metal, he could make his history even bigger. 

The Scooter Park final will culminate with the Fernando Park Battle, a competition in memory of Fernando Perez Manyanet where 8 riders compete for the best trick that will win 1000 euros and the ovation of all the visitors.