Open Escalada Extreme Barcelona
  • The Fernando Park Battle will take place on Sunday at 19:30h , a tribute to Fernando Perez-Mañanet, the great promoter of the Scooter in Extreme Barcelona.

Organization and riders want to pay tribute to the voice par excellence of the scooter, Fernando Perez Manyanet, the main promoter of the modality that year after year has been gaining more importance in the parks of Extreme Barcelona.

Therefore, the organization wanted to resume one of the most epic competition formats in the world of scootering: the bestrick competition in Central Park, renamed ‘Fernando Park Battle‘ in his honor.

In previous years, the competition has achieved impossible tricks never done before in the history of scootering and a more dedicated crowd every year.

The world’s top scootering riders have agreed to give their best tricks to the public in Barcelona’s central park, in honor of Fernando.


  • Roomet Säälik (Estonia)
  • Will Barlow (USA)
  • Chris Farris (USA)
  • Jordan Clark (ENG)
  • Jamie Hull (ENG)
  • Thimon Pharabod (FR)
  • Esteban Clot (FR)
  • Matis Neyroud (SWISS)

These will be the eight members of the competition to be held on Sunday at 19:20h.

The competition format will be the same as always: 3 attempts per rider, where there is only one winner, who will take home 1,000 euros in cash and the Fernando Park Battle ring.

We are waiting for you all to live the madness of Scootering in Extreme Barcelona.

Here’s to you, Fer!