Emotion, enthusiasm and dedication are the main qualities that defined the great person Fernando Perez-Mañanet was, known by all as FER.

If a Scooter Hall of Fame would exist, Fer has more than achieved a spot in there. In the last 15 years he has been able to do everything:

Exploiting a new sport in a country, converting a toy into an official sport recognized by an International Federation.

Friend of the two best generations of sportsmen in scootering, all the brands from the industry, and the directors representing the organizations that now move scootering on a worldwide level.

A referent in competitive level, where he was the promoter for new disciplines such as street or cross and a major player in carrying out the best World Championships in history, with more than 5000 people in the stands and streaming around the world, enjoying his passion watching others enjoying.

A great person who was able to unify a whole sector, fought for his ideals and loved through his endless motivation to bring SCOOTER where it deserves to be.

We will try to follow the path you set for us. Always in our hearts.