After an intense weekend in which EVERYTHING happened, here is a review of everything related to urban culture, all the musical artists who accompanied us during the event, activities for the public and the Wallspot, the graffiti artists’ avenue.

Music, a key element of the weekend

During the days of the event many renowned artists have passed through the Central Park and Street Plaza of Extreme Barcelona. From the purest Hip-Hop to Rock Punk, the public could enjoy a good dose of flow, energy and explosiveness in each of their songs.

We all danced, screamed and had a great time to the beat.

The smell of spray paint flooded the Wallspot AVE

Next we delight you with a gallery for you to FLIPEIS with the works of the artists who passed through the Wallspot AVE and left a sample of what happens when they are provided with a safe space to paint, unbeatable atmosphere and LOTS of SPRAYS.

Other activities carried out at the event

A whole new concept carried out at Extreme Barcelona. The upper esplanade of the Parc del Fòrum was transformed into a space full of possibilities to have fun and with several options for all attendees to try all the current trends in Outdoor fun.