The imaginExtreme closes the 2018 edition with 18 finals in 5 facilities of Parc del Fòrum

The news of the Dirt and the Wakeboard have had a great success among the public and the riders


Barcelona, ​​June 17, 2018

The imaginExtreme Barcelona has had a triumphant closure with the attendance of 24,000 attendees throughout the weekend and they have been able to enjoy the 18 finals that have been held today in the 5 facilities of the Parc del Fòrum. The public have lived a full day having been able to practice at the Open Parks of the Chill Plaza, eat at the Food Trucks, make purchases with brands of the sector on the Market Street and rest and cool off in the water area. More than 600 riders, including 75 girls, have shown the best version of themselves with the best tricks.

Scooter, the fashion modality in action sports

As in every edition, the International Final of the International Scooter Association (ISA) has filled the bleachers of Central Park to the brim and there was no empty seat to see the most expected competition. This year’s winner was again the British Jordan Clark, who has achieved his third world title after the ones in 2015 and 2016, with two double tricks in a round. The attendees enjoyed the 10 finalist riders in a very fast competition where there have been riders from other modalities encouraging the Scooter finalists demonstrating the great pull that this modality currently has.

The MGP Park Battle of Scooter, the last competition of the day in Central Park, where the riders have shown their best tricks to win the champion belt, was held immediately afterwards. The test has been one of the most acclaimed and enjoyed by the public since these riders have been the ones who have flown the highest in the parks this weekend. Finally, it was Romet Säälik who took the belt. In the third competition of the Scooter during the day, the winner of the World Street Finals to the best trick was Jonathan Perroni.

Sunday full of finals of all modalities

The last day of the imaginExtreme Barcelona was opened by the girls with the BMX final where 3 local riders participated in the 7 finalists. The German rider Lara Lessmann took the title winning with great difference compared to the other teammates and the bronze was for the rider from Castellar del Vallés Bea Ibáñez. Later it came the final of the masculine Inline Park where most of the finalist riders were from France. The winner was the famous inline rider Julien Cudot who adds another championship to his record. The next final in Central Park was the Men’s BMX Park where one of the finest finals of all the imaginExtreme has seen. The level was very high and the first and second classified have been decided only by a difference of 0.08 points. In the end Justin Dowel has taken the gold and Daniel Sandoval has had to settle for silver.

The event was closed with the MTB final in the Dirt Jump with all the assistants of the Scooter stand turned over to enjoy the last competition of the day. The riders were euphoric and have tried many tricks and we have seen some spectacular falls. Finally, it has been Adolf Silva who has achieved the first position with a deadly double back without hands.

Wakeboard, a success in its first year in the imaginExtreme Barcelona

One of the novelties of this edition of 2018 and that has been very successful among the attendees has been the competition of Wakeboard with The Battle of Cables to close the championship. In the final in which four teams participated it was possible to see the riders give the best of themselves in the big modules of the cable park making the public jump. The gold has been taken by James Windsor and Cameron Graham and the silver has been for local riders Victor Gallego and Kike Cornejo.

Good question rises with the cup of the RiftAnalyst Cup, first stop of the Riot Storm Circuit

The Good Question (Buena Pregunta) team has managed to proclaim itself champion of the RiftAnalyst Cup. Throughout the competition, Good Question showed a great solidity, assuring the classification almost from the first weeks. In second place was KYIF Academy and the third place went to Eagles UDG (Universitat de Girona).

The first face-to-face final of the Storm Circuit was followed with great expectation at the imaginExtreme Barcelona facilities from the spectacular open-air stadium in front of the sea at the Parc del Fòrum. The meeting, widely expected by players and followers of League of Legends, has also had a large audience on, with more than 9,000 unique viewers and a total of 20,000 hours of viewing