The glasses brand Northweek is involved for the second consecutive year with the imaginExtreme Barcelona

The imaginExtreme Barcelona is celebrated on June 16 and 17 in the Forum Park of Barcelona. For this edition, Northweek will be the new official sponsor of imaginExtreme Barcelona 2018. Northweek had already participated with the most popular urban sports event in Europe in the previous edition as official collaborator. Now, your glasses will become the official competition, all members of the organization will wear limited glasses created for the occasion.

Northweek has created two limited edition models that you can only find in the stores of the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​specifically, on Market Street, the shopping area located between BEO Park and Central Park. If you think you will not have time to stop by Market Street, you can get the glasses differently.


Buying your COMBO entry. If you buy this pack we will give you exclusive Northweek glasses and you will be able to collect them together with your ticket at the imaginExtreme Barcelona ticket offices.

What comes with this type of entry?

Two days of frenzied activity at imaginExtreme Barcelona (final of the Barcelona European Open, Cable Wake, Dirt finals and many other activities). The COMBO entrance will also allow you to enjoy a magical night in the Afterlife festival of OFF AT FORUM, one of the most popular electronic music festivals in Europe. And finally, you can choose between one of the two models that Northweek has created for this occasion.

Urban sports, electronic music and exclusive brands Northweek! What more do you need to have a great time? Come celebrate the 10th anniversary with us. Acquire your COMBO ticket from € 50 on our website.

About Northweek

The company was born in 2013 by two young people who saw the opportunity to create a brand of glasses that identifies all teenagers. Northweek Sunglasses is not just a brand. It is a lifestyle, an attitude and a personality sign. Currently, Hawkers bought the company of the two young people and share market.