2,500 boys and girls learn to master skateboarding and scooters thanks to imaginExtreme Barcelona and the program “School plays sports in the city”.

For the fifth consecutive year the imaginExtreme Barcelona collaborates with the program of the City Council of Barcelona “The school plays sports in the city” under the direction of the Institut Barcelona Esports. It is a municipal sport program of school age, primary and secondary, which allows the children of the city to participate in different sports activities throughout the course.

The program offers among its sports activities the opportunity to start in street sports such as skateboarding or scooter. In this project, a total of 2,500 children in order to discover sports in the urban environment.

These activities take place during the week of May 14 to 20 at the municipal facilities located in the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona. Students can learn to master the skate and the scooter hand 7 monitors, each for each sport. The practices will consist of games of different levels to put into practice what they have learned.

All the students who have participated in the program “the school plays sports in the city”, will have the opportunity to enjoy the qualifying rounds (Friday 15 June behind closed doors) of the Barcelona European Open, the skate competition of imaginExtreme Barcelona. In addition, you can also see how the best riders in Europe, of all types, train to perform their best tricks during the weekend (June 16 and 17).






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