Everything is ready to put on the new edition of the landmark action sports and urban lifestyle festival, the imaginExtreme Barcelona, in a month time.

In the celebration of its 10 years, the imaginExtreme Barcelona is doing a step further and introduces the MTB and BMX Dirt competitions, the Wakeboard one and more Street modalities.

We have already confirmed some of the most recognised riders for this edition: Dante Hutchinson, Dylan Morrison, Daniel Sandoval o Roman Abrate, among others.


Barcelona, May 16, 2018.  

Exactly in one-month time, June 16 and 17, it will take place the next imaginExtreme Barcelona edition in Parc del Fòrum, where we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this event. The action sports and urban lifestyle festival keeps growing and providing novelties year after year to make these two days a unique experience for the attendees. On a sporting level, the 2018 novelties will be the creation of a Dirt jump, where the new BMX and MTB modalities will be performed, and the opening of the water area to celebrate the Wakeboard competition, The Battle of Cables.

The excitement is guaranteed in the big finals

The excitement is guaranteed during both days of competition because the finals will be done Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 of June. Just as last year, we will enjoy watching on Saturday the feminine, masculine and junior Barcelona European Open (BEO) finals of Skate in the Street Park, and the same day the BMX final in the Dirt jump, the Inline and Streetboard in the Central Park and the Scooter Cross.

We will know the rest of the champions on Sunday starting with the ISA (International Scooter Association) world final. In addition, we will discover this year for the first time the champions of the MTB Dirt, the BMX, Inline and Scooter World Street Finals and the Wakeboard one. We will also celebrate the feminine and masculine competitions of BMX Park, as well as the Longboard and Inline Cross.

More rivalry than ever with the confirmation of first-rate riders

The best riders will be in Barcelona! In this new edition where the imaginExtreme Barcelona celebrates 10 years, we have confirmed the attendance of some of the best riders in their modality. The ISA final will be tighter than ever with the participation of Dylan Morrison, Jared Colwell, Lee Spencer and Dante Hutchison who comes back to defend the title he got last year.

In the other categories we will have, among others, Daniel Sandoval or Daniel Peñafiel in BMX; Anthony Avella and the winner of the Inline competition in 2016, Roman Abrate; and Gabi Muñoz and Sergi Nicolás, Streetboard champions in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Tickets available

Tickets for the 10th anniversary of the imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website www.imaginextremebarcelona.com, with popular prices from € 12, 50% discounts for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for customers of imaginBank, Family and CaixaBank.

It combines the imaginExtreme Barcelona and the OFF At Forum. This 2018 also offers the COMBO pack, where you can buy a weekend ticket for the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​an entry for Saturday’s party at OFF At Forum and exclusive Northweek glasses. This COMBO is also available in VIP ticket version.