The action sports and urban lifestyle festival in Barcelona, ​​the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2018, ​​celebrates 10 years on June 16 and 17.
imaginBank, the mobile-only bank of CaixaBank, continues to bet on the event of reference among young people who combine sport, music and urban culture in the city of Barcelona.
This 2018 the imaginExtreme Barcelona continues to grow: it introduces the MTB and MBX dirt, the wakeboard and more street modes, in addition to expanding the musical offer with the Off At Forum.

Barcelona, ​​May 9, 2018.

For a decade now, extreme sports have an annual event in the city of Barcelona. This 2018, the imaginExtreme Barcelona celebrates 10 years and will do it in style: new features in terms of competitions, new experiences and more musical offer. So, the 10th anniversary will be an edition to remember.

New competitions, more modalities and a lot of female presence

On a sporting level, the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2018 will grow a lot. In the last editions the imaginExtreme Barcelona had a total of 6 sports (14 tests), for its 10th anniversary, there will be 8 modalities distributed in 21 different competitions.

The main novelties are the creation of a dirt jump, in which there will be BMX and MTB competition, and the opening of the water area to celebrate The Battle of Cables wakeboard. In addition, the Street park that was created in 2017 for the Barcelona European Open of skate (BEO) for women’s, men’s and junior’s events, will also be used this 2018 for BMX Street, inline and World Street finals scooter competitions. These developments at the level of competition will join the already established tests like the MGP Park Battle, the world final of the ISA (International Scooter Association), the BMX Park, inline park, streetboard and the tests that are held in the cross: longboard, inline and scooter.

One more year, women’s competitions will have a prominent role in the imaginExtreme Barcelona with a total of 5 exclusive and two mixed tests). During the weekend there will be longboard, inline park, cross and street (this last mixed), BMX, skate and wakeboard (mixed test).

A festival of action, culture and music

Tricks, excitement, competitiveness … this is the imaginExtreme Barcelona. But also, everything that surrounds him. Throughout the weekend the festival also offers all attendees open practice area, urban activities such as slackline, grafitti, market with shops in the sector, music from the hand of Rockzone, foodtrucks and also, the first test of the Circuit Storm of League of Legends (eSports), the RiftAnalyst Cup. And on Saturday night the imaginExtreme Barcelona also opens its doors to the Off At Forum, electronic music event that takes place in the Parc del Fòrum.

Tickets available

Tickets for the 10th anniversary of the imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website, with popular prices from € 12, 50% discounts for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for customers of imaginBank, Family and CaixaBank.

It combines the imaginExtreme Barcelona and the OFF At Forum. This 2018 also offers the COMBO pack, where you can buy a weekend ticket for the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​an entry for Saturday’s party at OFF At Forum and exclusive Northweek glasses. This COMBO is also available in VIP ticket version.

imaginBank, main sponsor of imaginExtreme Barcelona 2018

For the third year in a row, imaginBank continues to support imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​although in fact the bank has been behind the festival for many more years.

imaginBank is the first mobile only bank in which the operation is carried out exclusively through mobile apps and social networks. It represents a step forward in CaixaBank’s innovation strategy, recognized internationally as one of the leading entities in the application of new technologies to financial services.

imaginBank gathers the experience of CaixaBank as a leading entity in technological innovation and in service to the young target. For this reason, he offers his support and gives name to the imaginExtreme Barcelona event.

The support of the City Council of Barcelona through the Institut Barcelona Esports as the main collaborator and the sponsorship of CaixaBank are essential for the imaginExtreme Barcelona to have achieved great success and its consolidation in the seven previous editions.