This weekend the imaginExtreme Barcelona will be installed in the Parc del Fòrum to offer a great spectacle of action sports.

Apart from the competition, the festival also includes practice zone, music, food trucks, market and other activities for two days full of excitement, adrenaline and good atmosphere.

Barcelona, June 14, 2017

The imaginExtreme Barcelona, the festival of action sports and urban culture of Barcelona, celebrates its eighth edition this year. To follow with the tradition, it will be installed in the Parc del Fòrum where for two days – June 17 and 18 – thousands of people will congregate to enjoy one of the most outstanding action sports competitions at European level.

As every year, the imaginExtreme Barcelona comes with very interesting news and have been presented at the event that has been held at the CaixaForum Centre Cultural de l’Obra Social “la Caixa” de Barcelona. The press conference has been attended by the commissioner of sports of the Barcelona city council, Mr. David Escudé; the director of the imaginExtreme Barcelona, Mr. Jordi Roquer; the sports director, Quim Garcia; and also the athletes Ben Thomas and Diego Cano. In addition, representatives of the main sponsor, imaginBank, have also attended.

The imaginExtreme Barcelona continues grow up in its 8th edition

Jordi Roquer, director of the imaginExtreme Barcelona has been in charge of placing the event within the general framework of action sports. “This year we will reach almost 500 riders, which means that it doesn’t stop growing” and also, “imaginExtreme Barcelona is one of the European festivals with more female participation“, he says.

One of the key points of the consolidation of the imaginExtreme Barcelona is that “it is a completely digital event, not only physical for the weekend, since every day, throughout the year, we generate content for our community in social networks” . This is an added value for the festival and also for those who follow it, as well as for the sponsors. This year, the imaginExtreme Barcelona “will also be able to followed by streaming through Facebook Live and also through television via Esport3”, and will have an international signal through IMG.

These details and many others are what make the imaginExtreme Barcelona an “event of reference, which not only communicates in Barcelona, but for the country, state and international level and this has been achieved with the good work of everyone.

Jordi Roquer has wanted to explain one of the most outstanding novelties of the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017. This is a social action created jointly with the school sport council of Barcelona: “on saturday all the schoolchildren in Barcelona up to 16 years old will be able to access the event free of charge and children under 13 accompanied by an adult.

A step forward with bigger parks

For his part, the sports director Quim Garcia, has wanted to have a memory for the first sports director who had the imaginExtreme Barcelona, Israel Planas, who left us at the beginning of this year.

Central Park – multi-sport facility – grows in size and riders can do much more spectacular tricks and therefore the public can enjoy even more.” It is recalled that the imaginExtreme Barcelona hosts the world scooter final and also grows in the quality of BMX, inline and Streetboard.

As for skateboarding, one of the most outstanding event, this year will have the BEO (Barcelona European Open) and Quim Garcia explains “that serves to take the first steps towards the olympic skateboard. It has expanded the park so that the riders be more comfortable and this set of changes will make the event continue growing considerably and even more riders want to come to Barcelona. ” In addition, the competition format has also been modified since it will be Open, meaning that any rider anywhere can register, either professional or amateur and all will compete among themselves for the medals.

The sports commissioner of the Barcelona City Council, Mr. David Escudé, has explained his experience of last year in which he enjoyed a lot. “Events like the imaginExtreme Barcelona put the city in the center of the world” he noted. In addition, he also wanted to have a few words for the main sponsor: “I want to thank the role of imaginBank because without them these big events would not be possible.” Escudé recalled that “It is an event for all the audiences.

The riders

Ben Thomas, second classified of the 2016 World Scooter Championship: “This year it will be very tight, great riders come in. I will try to get my best version, qualify for the final and once there, we will see. The event is bigger every year, with more competitions, it’s brutal to see how it grows, more riders come and everyone is more involved”.

Diego Cano, skater: “I like that this year has been a different approach to skateboarding.We have a park only for us and it is a good idea to enhance our sport.The park has a bit of everything and that is what we want the skaters.

Action sports to see and practice

Aside from the riders competing, the protagonists of this weekend will also be the spectators. A large number of activities will be available to everyone. The event has a large area for children to start in action sports, parks so that the attendees can put into practice scooter, skate and BMX.

Lifestyle with music, food trucks and good atmosphere at the Chill Plaza

Beyond the competition and the practice of action sports, all the participants can also enjoy a good weekend in a summer atmosphere.

This year it’s the first time of the Chill Plaza, a space located in the entrance area that will have a bar, a shaded seating area, screen to follow the competitions and a brand village with the presence of the main sponsor imaginBank. In the area of street Market, where the stores of the sector will be located, the festival will also feature a music stage where more than twenty groups and DJs will participate, putting music at a good pace. All this, to complete, those who wish can sit in the shade of the picnic area enjoying the varied food of the food trucks.

Tickets already available

The tickets for the 8th imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website, with popular prices from 12€, discounts of 50% for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for imaginBank customers, Family and CaixaBank.

imaginBank, the main sponsor of the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017

imaginBank is the first mobile-only bank in which the operation is done exclusively through mobile apps and social networks. It is a step forward in CaixaBank‘s innovation strategy, recognized internationally as one of the leading entities in the application of new technologies to financial services.

imaginBank gathers the experience of CaixaBank as a leading entity in technological innovation and in service to the young target. For this reason, it offers its support and gives name to the imaginExtreme Barcelona event.

The support of the Barcelona City Council through the Institut Barcelona Esports as the main collaborator and the sponsorship of CaixaBank are essential for the imaginExtreme Barcelona to have achieved a great success and consolidation in the previous seven editions.