On June 17th and 18th about 400 action sports athletes will participate in the 14 competitions that are held in the framework of imaginExtreme Barcelona.
Some of the best riders in each specialty have already confirmed their presence at the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017.
The competitions of imaginExtreme Barcelona will have open registrations in four modalities.

Little by little the most outstanding news of imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017 are arriving. Today, we can announce some of the riders who will be in the Parc del Forum on June 17th and 18th to try to take one of the 42 medals that will be in play .

Throughout the weekend will be held up to 14 different competitions, belonging to six sporting modalities (scooter, BMX, inline, longboard, Streetboard and skate) with categories male, female and also junior.

The 60 best scooter riders worldwide

On scooters, as has happened for years, we will have the 60 best riders in the field, as the event corresponds to the ISA (International Scooter Association) world final. As of today, the current champion Jordan Clark, the winner of MGP Park Battle 2016 Jamie Hull, and others such as Dylan Morrison or Ben Thomas have already been classified.

A very high BMX level

One of the highlights of imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017 will be BMX. In the men’s category, for now, repeat the second and third classified of 2016, Daniel Dhers and Kenneth Tencio. In addition, there will also be Jonathan Camacho (6º 2016), Victor Muñoz and Iñaki Maza. Among women, as of today is already registered the 2016 runner-up Katherine Diaz. At his side will be Ekaterina Kruglov, Macarena Pérez or Analia Zacarias.

Four inline competitions

In inline, we will have a total of four different competitions: inline park male and female category, and inline cross, also with men and women. Julien Cudot, Nicolas Servy and Roman Abrate, the top three finishers in inline park 2016 will not miss the event on 17 and 18 June; With them there will also be Jeremy Melique.

In the women’s category, Rosie Odonoghe will return to try to repeat the triumph, which will have between rivals to those classified for the final of the previous edition Lisa-Mary Authie and Amandine Candroyer.

Longboard cross, bet on locals

The longboard mode stands out because it makes a strong commitment to the local riders. This 2017 will have Guille Salvà, second classified of the last edition and Axel Serrat. Also will be Marc Juncosa, Eloi Pujol, Vicente Ferrer, Joan Jordi Comanys, Javier Martinez and Victor Franco. Soon we will have the first women registered for the longboard cross.

Streetboard wants to keep growing

The Streetboard was the new bet of the 7th edition of imaginExtreme Barcelona and surprised all the spectators. This year we will have the best of this spectacular specialty: Alex Villanueva, Bernat Pomerol, David La Rotta or Sergi Nicolas.

The Barcelona European Open skateboard will bring together the best in the framework of imaginExtreme Barcelona

This year the imaginExtreme Barcelona will host the Barcelona European Open (BEO) as a skate competition. This will have tests of three different categories: male, female and junior. It is an open event that will bring together international pro riders, skaters sponsoritzats and talented amateurs who will come out to demonstrate their level and seek to grow in the scene. All of them will have the same goal: to reach as far as possible from the competition. You can already discover the first confirmed riders to www.beo.barcelona.

Tickets already available

The tickets for the 8th imaginExtreme Barcelona are now available on the website www.imaginextremebarcelona.com, with popular prices from € 12, discounts of 50% for children, promotions for families and groups of friends and also special discounts for imaginBank customers , Family and CaixaBank.

ImaginBank, main sponsor of the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2017

ImaginBank is the first mobile-only bank in which the operation is done exclusively through mobile apps and social networks. It is a step forward in CaixaBank’s innovation strategy, recognized internationally as one of the leading entities in the application of new technologies to financial services.

ImaginBank gathers the experience of CaixaBank as a leading entity in technological innovation and in service to the young target. For this reason, it offers its support and gives name to the imaginExtreme Barcelona event.

The support of the Barcelona City Council through the Institut Barcelona Esports as the main collaborator and the sponsorship of CaixaBank are essential for the imaginExtreme Barcelona to have achieved great success and consolidation in the previous seven editions.