The Cross Circuit has been hot due to the Longboard qualifiers. The riders have ride down in groups of 4 fighting to be first ones. A super fast and technical circuit with more than 9 obstacles have left more than one person of the public freaking out with the overtaking in the cambers. They highlight riders have been Nicola Nuehrig, Axel Serrat, Guille Salva and Will Stephans. In the female category, the girls also have given everything until the end. Cristina Sanchez and Melina Altes will be in the final tomorrow at 11 am.

Semifinal men’s 1:

Guille Salva // Axel Serrat // Will Stephans // Toti Martinez

Semifinal men’s 2:

Oscar Rodriguez // Dani Castro // Nicola Nuehrig // Nacho Muñoz

Final women’s:

Melina Altes // Miriam Tena // Cristina Sanchez // Fiona Torello