Longboard Cross comes back again to the imaginExtreme Barcelona 2016 to offer a speed & adrenaline big show. The riders list is already completed and we will have a great group of sprinters in the Cross Track. One of the big names this year is Nicola Nührig, the austrian skater who won the Red Bull Feel the Wheel 2014 will fight with the four top riders from last year for the top spot: Guille Salvá (1st), Marc Escoda (2nd) Nacho Muñoz (3rd) and Oscar Archibaldo (4th). We ho this year we can see an epic final as last year when the riders fouht till the last jump.

Riders list:

Adrià Arquimbau (ESP), Adrián Garcia (ESP), Alex Montero (ESP), Ander Bada (ESP), Andrés Martínez (CHI), Axel Serrat (ESP), Borja Allue (ESP), Borja Muñoz (ESP), Cesc Enrich (ESP), Dani Castro (ESP), Daniel Medina (ESP), Daniel Sam (ESP), Edgar Rovira (ESP), Eloi Pujol (ESP), Gilles Lafaurie (FR), Guille Salvà (ESP), Juan Ramón Perez (ESP); Justo Mullor (ESP), Luis Rojo (ESP), Marc Garcia (ESP), Marc Juncosa (ESP), Marc Escoda (ESP), Marcos Villefort (BRA), Nacho Muñoz (ESP), Nicola Nührig (AUS), Oriol Galvez (ESP), Oscar Bendicho (ESP), Oscar rodriguez (ESP), Pablo Martínez (ESP), Raul Serrano (ESP), Salvador Guerrero (ESP), Sebastian Perales (ESP), Sergi Garrudo (ESP), Sergio Fernandez (ESP), Sergio Evans (ESP), Toti Martínez (ESP), Victor Franco (ESP), Will Stephans (USA).

The Cross track will be located in the same place as last years. Consisting in a 350 meters long track with 9 big obstacles that must be overcome to reach the goal inlcuding the natural wallride from the first edition. Last year’s dummie will be changed  for a three dummie feature, better to get more speed in the flat zone. So this year the riders wil have to play hard to be the first.

The prize for the winners will be:

1º: 1200€ / 2º: 650€ / 3º: 400€ / 4º: 200€



The Longboard female Cross could not be less, so this year the fastest girls in the country come back to the Parc del Forum. This is the complete list of confirmed riders:

Aejandra Cárdenas (ESP), Anna Montesinos (ESP), Cristina Sánchez (ESP), Eider Paredes (ESP), Elisenda Nogués (ESP), Fiona Torelló (ESP), Jessica Salamanca (ESP), Maria-Djeénaba Badji (ESP), Mel·lina Altés (ESP), Miriam Tena (ESP), Valeria Chort (ESP), Neena Schueller (USA)

The Wmn Longboard Cross prizes will be:

1ª: 500€ / 2ª: 250€ / 3ª: 150€ / 4ª: 100€


All the Longboard contests: qualifiers and finals will be during Saturday 18th June